Rain and Stars

Two more Odel Stars for the 7 note knucklehead and some funky Rain Goggles for better vision around the Death Race 2000 M25 London orbital , those of you that have been on it in torrential rain know what I'm talking about …………… zero Vision surrounded on all lanes by Polish & Russian Juggernauts …Roll on LAUK13 , oh has anybody out there ever used these goggles for real ???

The Right Speed

Finally got the 41-46 Speedometer in the Right Hole now that the One year only 47 speedo has vacated and found a new home in the Stock 47 knuck build 

Sympathy for the Devil

Back in 1977 i left School , the Stones released the double album Love you live and pelle and his mates where rolling there knucks and flatties through the Swedish summer …. the Love you Live Album was just a best hits album bar 2 tracks 
and the bikes in the Photos were around at least 15 years prior to 1977. 
its now 36 years on and we are still building the same bikes …………. 
It seems nothing changes except the quality of the 
photos and the quality of the Sound…….. 

Anti Bandit Device

Watch it !!!!
Bandits lurking in every bush and with that firmly imprinted on his mind, 
Rowan the HoG Father has come up with an ingenious little Anti Bandit device which locks and immobilizes the rear wheel utilizing the StarHub. 
Need an ABD ?   Order here