Knuck & Pan

Knuck & Pan with Ed and Derr from way back

Thin Lizzy ready

Slimmed to the Bone buddy seat Turned out real nice … although I've still got to get my head around the búddy seat dilemma to have or not to have … stay tuned, this slimmed piece of engineering may well be for sale sooner than later

Show Stopper

The clockwork 47 …….. See you in the DOOK

Buddy Gluteus maximus


Long hauls on Buddy seats are heaven , after spending years on Cool Bates i guess Ive got too the Don't give a fuck stage and think nothing about putting a Huge ugly buddy seat on the knuck, that said the more i look at photos of old knucks with buddy seats the more i dig them, although the only buddy seat that was cool from the outset were the early thin ones which are as rare as Hens Teeth & sell for over 
$3 grand on the Bay of thieves, 
so it was time to get a old seat Pan and Let Pelle work his Magic ….. 

Stay tuned for more updates on the making of the
 Tenues sedem pro mea Gluteus maximus 

HandMade Lucky Bells

The 3 Stooges Might just need some Divine Intervention from these HandMade in brass Lucky Bells , Keeping demons and bad luck at bay whilst heading steadily toward the DOOK 

I have a limited number of these for sale   

Chopper Tank

Close up on Dicks paint job 

Snakes Lovely Iron

The Legendary Ormens = (Snake in Swedish) Knucklehead & ULH Flathead  ex Mexican , Brazilan or Indonesian  police bikes i can never remember.

Gas Station from Hell

The HogFather somewhere in France at his favorite Gas station , 
……….What could possible go wrong now……. 
Famous Last Words

Linkert Attacks Fever

Linkert Attack UK13 fever has come , time to plan , which route , lessons learned from the last two and what to take !! 
and last but not least the parts that broke or we lost last year in 
Sweden, Denmark, England & France . 

How the fuck am i going to get all of these parts into the 
Rectangular Toolbox.

Rectangular Not Square

It’s Rectangular Not Square , Primary not Secondary,
the old faithful tool box is back on the UL Flathead