Anti Bandit Bar

Anti Bandit Bar or ABB has finally been approved and tested ….
Works on All Star hub Harleys
This Locking device is simple and very effective and above all 
takes up very little space on your Bike. 
Made of industrial strength tensile steel here in Sweden and  
available in Parkerised or Raw finish
Use Padlocks with 9mm shanks ..
Padlock and rusty old harley are not included in The Price
Now the Bandits will just walk pass your bike !!!
Taking orders for delivery mid August
Please state Raw or parkerized finish

Lucky Linkert T-Shirts

Lucky Linkert T-Shirts in Marine or Graphite 

Jokers # 10

This Photo just about sums up the great atmosphere at the 10th & Sadly the last Jokers party ……. Thanks Jokers and friends new & Old that made this gathering worth riding too, come rain or Shine.