Knucklehead ready to Roll

All thats needed now is just a sprinkling of Sunshine 
to warm up the air so we can go for a ride without freezing to death

knucklehead Dresser Treasures

Hanging Around waiting for there turn to feel the wind and Rain 

Knucklehead Spark Plugs

After keeping a little log for a year on how my champions are running in my knuck i have finally decided to quit using them , whether the D16 you buy today are old stock or not i don't know , but i do know they burn out quickly, give a weak spark or an intermittent spark which in turn makes your bike run like a pig , spending time checking over all the usual things connected with these symptoms  like float level,plug leads, slipped timing ,bad points , condenser ,when all along its the brand new Champion plugs you have just screwed in that are the culprit !!  without changing a thing on several occasions except the Plugs from D16 Champions to NGK AB-6 the Bike ran like a dream !!! 
what plugs are you running in your knuckleheads ??? 
oh i have around 40 D16 for sale 

Flanders Bars

Real nice tidy Job on the Grip 

Casting a Line

Suns Shining and Jack frost is being kicked out of Town !!! 
Thoughts of Rolling the Knucklehead out 
and Casting my fly on a Nice Trout Fill my Mind.