Rain and Stars

Two more Odel Stars for the 7 note knucklehead and some funky Rain Goggles for better vision around the Death Race 2000 M25 London orbital , those of you that have been on it in torrential rain know what I'm talking about …………… zero Vision surrounded on all lanes by Polish & Russian Juggernauts …Roll on LAUK13 , oh has anybody out there ever used these goggles for real ???


Rowan said...


blinker vision to the extreme, you have to keep shaking your head to make sure the water dont enter the hole

the best rain goggles ever are..... swimming goggles, makes you look like benny hill but work really well

Lonnie C. said...

Uhhhh,Dude.... I believe those are snow goggles, to keep you from being going snow blind, back before they had super-dark sunglasses. If you wear them for over 20 minutes in regular daylight, you will become cross-eyed. Permanently. Beware.