Buddy Gluteus maximus


Long hauls on Buddy seats are heaven , after spending years on Cool Bates i guess Ive got too the Don't give a fuck stage and think nothing about putting a Huge ugly buddy seat on the knuck, that said the more i look at photos of old knucks with buddy seats the more i dig them, although the only buddy seat that was cool from the outset were the early thin ones which are as rare as Hens Teeth & sell for over 
$3 grand on the Bay of thieves, 
so it was time to get a old seat Pan and Let Pelle work his Magic ….. 

Stay tuned for more updates on the making of the
 Tenues sedem pro mea Gluteus maximus 

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righteous said...

Hey, Tom over an junk motor in Japan makers thin ones with original pans. I got one on my 51 and it's the balls dude