1200 Flathead


Not long now before she’s back on the road after upgrading with  Truett Osborn Flywheels & getting the Wico XV1922 magneto back from the Wico wizard Andrew who runs Antique Speed and Machine , excellent work and fast Turnaround , I’m not joking but this mag sparks by just touching it !! this could easily get you to Saturn and back !!. Also re-grinded & polished the Cams …… Roll on April


Finally got me mitts on some more SS Death Heads real old school vest or jacket candy.

Frame & Springer Repair Parts

Made in Sweden with Swedish steel to exacting specs from original parts , 
These Replacement parts for frames, Fenders and Springer forks will fit 
perfectly and last longer than the original part replaced. 
Also available an exact copy of the Fender bumper . 
All parts are delivered in Raw Finish. 

Contact for prices and availability here

Whiter than Snow 1936 knucklehead

Wonder where this 36 is now ??

Nadolig Llawen a Blwyddyn Newydd Dda

Seasons Greetings 

1 # Download  full size cut out mask  Here

2 # Print it

3 # Cut on the dotted line 

4 # Scare the shit out of the kids

Knuckle Delight

The Snow has temporarily disappeared and its + 5 Celsius and thoughts of rolling the bikes out and kicking them into life are making me mad, cause i know jack frost is coming back real soon and he won’t be gone till April , so i need to look at super cool Knucks like this for a Guiding light in the darkness of winter.

1937 Crocker Hemi-head 1000 cc engine

Not every day you see a 1937 Crocker Hemi-head 1000 cc (61 cubic inch) twin cylinder genuine Crocker engine  . 
Gene Rhyne, a noted hill climbing champion in the 1920's & 30's, built all the engines while employed by Al Crocker in the 1930's.  
Crocker's motto was 

"if you are beaten by an Indian or Harley bring the machine back and he would refund your money.” 

 No refunds were ever neccessary. 

1949 Ed Kretz on Indian scout

Makes you want an Indian Scout and no snow outside 

Mary Lou & Friends

Eds 57 Pan  Mary Lou hanging out with some friends in another decade 
Luv the duals on the Panhead

Baker kicker Gears

Finally got round to buying some real good shit from Bakers , they are ridiculously expensive but after years of kicking  through  crap sliteye junk gears and tired of searching for the OEM gears it was time to give my knee a christmas present. 

R.I.P Sune ✞

Sune is no longer with us and will be Sadly missed by all of us that had the pleasure to have known him ……. Lets hope he’s rolling on his knuck & 
waiting for the rest of us to join him . 

 ✞ Rest In Peace ✞