Linkerts , more trouble

We are in France !!! Just before Le Mans the clutch bearing plate disintegrates !! Throwing the bearings into the clutch basket , So we rebuilt the part from a tourist number plate Normandy horses !! Rowan done the surgery with some scissors we managed to beg for !! Rolling again …

Linkerts more trouble !!!

30 miles into England and the rear rocker nut falls off on the motorway !!!

Oil pissed out , we tried to find it but no luck , walking back to thr bikes I got an idea …


We made it !!! The staff were real cool as we did not have a ticket booked for this Cruise but we showed them our dirty greasy hands and they let us use the same ticket we missed on saturday !!!!
Rock & roll happiness !!!

Linkerts boarding

Linkerts , second attempt !!

11 hour turnaround and back on the road trailer queen style , (only until we return the rental in Denmark !!!) NO Trailer Queen Gays Here !!! Only a Gay. Dresser knucklehead with Fenders !! What is the world coming too. !!! Stay tuned

(Linkerts) Total Eclipse of a Fuck Up

Well we managed to find a hire company that was 80km from where we were and was  open and had a van That they were willing to let us drive out of country , no easy task in Denmark on a wet and windy Sunday !!!!
Jubilation's where in order , we then drove back 360 km to the ferry that took us back home , as soon as we landed it was strip time , only to find the damage done !! was not just a head gasket , but a partial melt down of the rear piston , fuck !!why did i put a D14 plug in there !!!! no time to fix that ,we have got to get back to denmark on the first ferry out at 08.00 so we have a chance to catch the ship bound for England from Esbjerg tomorrow evening , plan B get the gay Starship ready for action , its now loaded and ready to face yet another day of torrential rain and Fun 

Stay tuned and as Renshaw said NO SURRENDER !!!!


Slept well in our make Do hotel !!! Cold but cosy !! Thank god I packed the brew kit !! Now trying to find a van to drive back to Gothenburg and fix the head gasket and replace the oil line
Then back to Denmark to try not miss the next ferry to England !!

The adventure begins !!! First the oil pipe splits on the Knuck got that fixed with some hosing then the rear head gasket blows 4 klicks out of Esjberg

We missed the fucking boat

Pontus goes looking for a hire Van so we can get back and fix the knuck, missis the turn off and runs out of petrol he's currently walking back 8 kilometers to our car trailer hotel for the night , thank you shell for leaving it unlocked

Stay tuned !!!

Linkert Attacks Picnic

Last bolt tightened, the Knuck & Pan are ready to roll in the morning to the CIRCUS Linkerts, here’s the route if you see us blow ya horn man !!!
Lots of Teddy Bears on route

Big Twin Flattie Heaven

Two really nice old school UL  flatheads at the Jokers Party 
these belong to Finlands finest !! The Wastarantakiiski Boys

Joe’s Stunning 48 UL

This Bike will be an inspiration to many builders in Years to come. 
Joe you nailed It !!! Big Time.

Acid Trip Chopper

Sune’s totally awesome Acid Trip Panhead Chopper
Old School Forever !!!