7 ELEVEN Rain wear works wonders ……………..

Swedish Style Choppers

On the Road with Swedish style choppers , as far as i'm concerned these are REAL CHOPPERS, Low, long & tight period. Great Day on the road thanks

Harley works racers

Who rode this Bike # 16 ??

Old School Cone

Tinman Dicks Psychedelic Cone Chopper

UL Cams

Next years project is  almost complete  just need a couple of more items … Looking for a set of 38 UL tanks , Fenders front & rear , and Toolbox …………….


Rolling the bikes out of the workshop at 04.00 and its raining and blowing a storm , Despite this we were looking forward to the 500 km run down to The Castle Run in Denmark. 
Hitting the road we soon realised this is going to be an adventure as the winds picked up big time , they were so strong on the coastal roads that they were physically floating our bikes sideways , I've had aquaplaning before , but floating sideways while travelling at 110 kph is Fucking scary … then just outside Falkenberg a 100 km from home i felt my leg getting warm , which was strange as we were freezing driving through Rain and gale force winds , i looked down and saw oil pumping out of my Knuck , like blood from a gunshot wound ,, fuck , we pulled over and checked the engine expecting a crack in the block or something , i couldn't  find anything major and checked the rocker seals , bingo this is where the oil was gushing out , bad news but not serious bad news its fixable, and as long as the oil is coming out of the heads its getting oil enough to limp back home. so we turned defeated back to Gothenburg. our thoughts are with you James and we really wish we were there to enjoy the first Castle Run……………………...

Squaddies Delight

Brew kit packed = The Castle 

WR Race Seat ?

Andy this is how we fixed the T-bar to fit the WR race seat , took a little more out of it so it looked real gay , which i luv !! The seat looks interesting , i was told by a Greybeard that they trimmed down the full size seats before Harley started making their race seats at the factory , this might explain the two holes visible on each side of the bolts I'm using today , anyone out there that knows for sure ?? please chime 

The Lost Nut

Its been a while since I've worked on a Cone shovel , so i was pleased to get a call on the Batphone … MAN THE ENGINE WON'T KICK THROUGH , was all that i heard, time to get to work , what could it be ,tranny, Cam,valves, oilring ,pushrods  ?? after eliminating every Question mark we where left with the last option , lift out the motor and start stripping her , first thing off was the rear head and look what we found !! the cut off stud that went missing the night before , sitting on top of the piston !! just think what that would have done if the engine started…. 
so the moral of this story is ….

Always have the plugs in the heads when working on your bike or engine & if you drop a bolt , washer or nut FIND IT !!before it goes ballistic in your newly rebuilt engine.

Ride Long & Safe 

Wico WR Race Mag

Not often you get the pleasure of servicing an original WR race magneto, This one normally sits in Milo's WR which in its own right is a fantastic piece of Harley Davidson's race History…… Milo , it should be on its way back to Blighty by the Middle of next week.