1936 Knucklehead

Well here's another beautiful 36 knuck, this was seen in holland, 
Villy took the picture , thanks villy, see you in France


Most of us have ink which says something ,which means something , 
this Guy got it right in every sense...

Hobgoblin Knucklehead

Took the Hobgoblin out for its first official run after the engine rebuild and some minor changes from last year, its pissing oil out of the rear rocker tins so i guess its rear head off tomorrow to try and locate the leak , looking forward to completion of the engine run in  so i can open her up on a nice straight road along with Semtex the man with the speedo 

1936-39 UL Snoot Heaven

1936-39 UL Snoot Heaven , no re-pops here , its the real Mc coy and i'm a lucky fuck for i own the top one and Ratus owns the Bottom 2 which makes him even luckier !!
Thanks King Rat !!

Race Track Knucklehead

This Knucklehead is giving me so much inspiration at the moment, it would be cool to make a street version of this bike , like a Cafe Knuck .
Tom thanks for Sharing  these great photos !!

Original Paint 1936 knucklehead

Wish i took some more photos of this beauty last time i saw it , 
hopefully we will be re-acquainted again this year

Finnish 45 Flathead

Juhus Flathead 
look carefully there's a lot of nice work with the mixing of 
 Harley & Mr. BSA

Blown UL motor

Going Beyond the Hone by date is not healthy … rebored countless times , thinning the material on the cylinder walls will result in this ………..

80 inch Flathead ULH Coffee MUG

Only 20 of these Made , the perfect mug to get your greasy Hands on while taking a well deserved Break in your workshop while admiring your latest build !!  
buy one HERE

Junk Motors どうもありがとう

Always a Pleasure receiving stuff from Samurai Master, 
Tom at Junk Motor
Domo arigato !!!

Hill Climb Bike lift

Block & tackle Aerial runway for the bikes to face the Hill yet another time , giving the Spectators endless hours of fun and the riders super human adrenaline bursts

Race knucklehead

The japs have really got this bike well balanced , so much attention to detail yet still using many original parts even though its for racing.
I saw this about a year back , does anyone have more info on it. 


Need a Pair of Beck grips any colour 

Vintage Goodies

Nice 36 only Knucklehead Airhorn on the downed UL

War Pegs

How come these are so hard to find , they must of made Thousands ?? now the HobGoblin Knuck is ready to be fed some Petroleum oxide
and be resuscitated back to life.

Faith is Restored (TEMPORARILY)

Well as its says Faith is Restored , just got this 41-46 speedometer from Sam an Old Gray Beard stateside , I just wish i could share a few Beers with Sam and let him talk about the old days and i also wish that we all found little Notes like this one in every box we open , 
Thank you Mr Rambo for making my day a whole lot better !!!!

Killer Bobbers Knucklehead

Mr Meyers Bobbed Knucklehead 

Last run

Last run Last year with the bikes before strip down and rebuild, now with the roads clearing its not long before we will be kicking life into
thoses magnificent machines again ………… !!

Norwegien knucklehead #2

Thors  knucklehead  , leave it as it is or bobberize it ????

Harley Works Hillclimber Cam

Saw this very Rare WORKS Cam for a Panhead Hillclimber at the Mothers Freaks MC Swap today…………. Wish i had a Pan !!!

Gay Starship

Almost ready ,  Just waiting for the tanks and a  
Leineweber cam and some wiring  thens its ready for the road 

Magneto parts for Flatheads

Lots of Questions sent as to what part you need , 
here is the definitive exploded view for your perusal…