Lucky Linkert Decals

Finally ready the Über Cool Lucky Linkert decal
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Been seeing a lot of Evo builds popping up all over the place so i thought i´d show you my old El bastardo which i Built about 5 years ago .

Beard Ratio

Thanks Brandon…..

The Bears Kromie Knuck

Now in a Thousand Pieces…………………...

Aluminium Brake Cooling Ring

Luckily for me the  inspiration to find and use cool old accessories come from real people and Bikes that are actually being used here on the West coast of Sweden & not from old magazines , like this super cool Aluminium brake cooler ring i first saw on Sinner Tottes, Knuck Killer Pan , i finally tracked one down for the Hobgoblin Knuck , Now i know the new brake shoes will be kept cool even when the going gets tough. hmmm ok  ( well it looks cool) 


Moon Dogs Knuckle

knucklehead drags

Great photo of a knuck dragster getting ready to take the line , for those of you who missed the post go back 3 weeks to see Jerry Branch´s knuckpan dragbike from 1950

Knucklehead Down

Last minute adjustments to the Hobgoblin Knucklehead, i needed to Tig the pogo stick nut in place after a bozo many moons ago fucked up the last spring section and jammed it there for good, i always get that broken bones, burning skin queasy feeling when i see my bike laying down, those of us who have been down that road know what I'm talking about.

Holy Grail Part #2


Now all the cams have been re-shimmed and replaced ,
looking forward to testing the modification done on #1 cam which rotates the rotor in the oil pump, an O ring has been placed on the part that is just inside the bushing ,
this should stop any oil leaking past the check-valves and running thru the worn bushing into the block while standing and give the system a little more oil pressure,could this mean no more dry sumping?.

has been deep in the bowls of the 1938 matching numbers
Big twin flattie checking for any monkey business of which he found none , real big thanks to you Joe for a fantastic original engine.

1974 Knuckle Chopper

Tonys pride & joy back in 74

Kicking the Pan & Flathead

P & P Kicking the iron to life for the roll home 
from the Jokers Party to Gothenburg.

Danish Panhead

Roughneck Pers Old school Panhead

Careless women

Some good solid info for you here boys ,so the next time a good looking hottie comes on to you , Beat her off  !!! we don´t care for careless women !!!! WTF even monks luv careless women . In my book the forties girl getting her hair curled by the 
Drill Press is a careless woman……………..

Clockwork 1200 Sidevalve

Well works started on the side valve Flathead I'm going to modify #1 cam under the watchful eye of Guy the Gorilla. I'm just starting to learn about these strange beautiful contraptions, I've always liked my valves on top of my piston, not next door, but that all changed a couple of years ago when listening to Mr Belin of Megustomuch
it was like he was talking about the most beautiful girl in the world & that she & he had fallen deeply in love, the passion & conviction of his words stayed with me every time we met , i would go home and wonder could there be any truth in his banter, the answer was yes there is !!! Thanks Johan i now know…………………..Flathead power !!!

66 Slabside

My old Early Shovel , sadly gone forever.

Knucklehead Heaven

My Deductions suggest its Elementary my Dear Watson .............. 
your in love with Mr O.J´s machine !!!

Vintage Hill Climb

Would be cool if it was as popular today as it was back in the 40s & 50s

Big Twin Flathead Service

The hillbilly Flathead is up on the operating table for a quick check, the card has been written so i don't forget anything , looking at this photo it seems my front cylinder has been running a little hot , i need to redial in the mag too. what I'm looking forward to is getting the #1 cam O ringed by Master Engine Boffin, F. Langen , this will hopefully stop the dreaded Flathead leaking problem , more on that at a later date, so stay tuned !!

Drag knucksterpan

This Photo of Jerry Branch & his Drag bike from 1950 is amazing , just look at the folks in the background wondering WTF they are seeing , even their clothes, & bikes are just as interesting to us today as the Panhead knucklehead power plant Drag Bike was to them back in 1950

Happy Lucky Dot Quiz


Where Did i get this little Dot of happiness on my headlight ??
First five Emails i receive with the right answer will recieve a 
handshifter pin & some decals .

Congrats are in order for the Following winners.


WHADDYA GOT ??? Politically Incorrect Post

Case # 2  

One things for sure this guy had Balls, Mr Knievel  but sadly most don't have the Balls they were born with today , like the two Ragheads trying to bust the door open on my van today,  i was just walking round the corner, as luck has it, i had my tool belt on , so i caught the little scumbags unawares with one good blow to the kidneys with my trusty crowbar , course the little fucks run like scared little girls instead of fighting back . Unbeknown to me they fucking ringed the police and said that i had assaulted them !! even the pigs are spineless fucks afraid to say anything in fear of any racist repercussions,now I'm the fucking baddie , this is another fucking classic case of 
..........What is the world Fucking coming Too........

Case # 1 is here

Who Are They ???

This original Harley advertisment has been sitting in a Friends
cellar for many years, speculation has come to a head,
 its time to find out who the Band was ??
anyone out there who knows ???

New Year & New Projects

Well its another New year & the  first thing is to get detoxed off those fucking After Eight mints !! after that its full steam ahead with the 1938 U Flathead matching numbers engine build, the first of many trips to the post office arrived today, 
38 tappets & lifter blocks , thanks Pete !!.

Parky Pumpy from 41

Well i was in two minds whether to Parkerize 
the one year only 41 OilPump, now the deed is done. 
And as Jeeves would have no doubt commented, 
Rather spiffing old chap...........