Rowan explaining the Virtues of running a 48 Panhead without a gearbox , Pre Pointicus pipeus of course , but clearly still with the Muffler attached , this would detatch itself and fly past my head early next morning as we rumbled through misty sleepy french villages !!! all i heard was a whooshing sound ,it was only when we stopped 20 Min's later we realised that Pontys Muffler was gone…………...

47 FL Knucklehead ——SOLD--------

47 FL Knucklehead for sale 


Pointicus Pipeus

 The Pointicus Pipeus , Using its mystical power like the Palmer wand, turning dubious parts into a quivering unmagnetized heap by merely pointing the Pipe  at the offending non original part , thus keeping the originality of our precious lumps of Milwaukee junk running as they did the day they left the factory …… Long before Taiwan Ted came on the Scene !!! so if you see a Re pop part on a vintage Harley you must  Pointicus Pipeus  it and send me the picture so the offending part can been seen by all !!!. Here we have non original Rocker Nuts 

In Memorandum

Its been 8 years since Indian Larry died on August 30th 2004
While riding the Grease Monkey.
 I had the pleasure of meeting him back in 88
Ride in peace …………..

Just saying ………….

Thanks  Widows !!! 
See you there, come Rain or Shine or Fucked Gearbox or Burnt out clutch or Flying Rocker nut or Disintegrating spokes or melted rear piston ...


Time to get back on track the Bloggcation is over ………… 
This little critter was last seen in the wine valleys of france ……..