More Linkert Fun, tranny meltdown

Pontys Rear wheel locked …………..Not good , time to take a look , and just as i thought 3 teeth stripped in the tranny !! fuck we are a long way from home deep in French wine country , its sunny and around 28 degrees just right to do a roadside strip down, lucky for us Petite Francois was willing do get a spare 4 speed he had lying on the bench 150 kilometers away and let us drive home to Sweden with it !!! wow i know you would never get this kind of brother help at a HOG do !!! so while he was on his 300 km round trip to get his tranny to us we got the 48 Pan ready for the transplant , we are still rolling thanks to our French brothers !!!!!

Krazy Knuck rocker nut fix


 Well this is how we fixed the Missing Knuck Rocker !!! believe me it worked for over 80 miles then it was time to ring the Bat phone to Rowan who was 200 miles away and willing to drive a 400 mile round trip in the middle of the night with some oil and a spare rocker Nut then drive home !! how many friends have you got that would do that !!! Rowan & Kris you Rock !!! more tales from the Linkert trip coming shortly