(Linkerts) Total Eclipse of a Fuck Up

Well we managed to find a hire company that was 80km from where we were and was  open and had a van That they were willing to let us drive out of country , no easy task in Denmark on a wet and windy Sunday !!!!
Jubilation's where in order , we then drove back 360 km to the ferry that took us back home , as soon as we landed it was strip time , only to find the damage done !! was not just a head gasket , but a partial melt down of the rear piston , fuck !!why did i put a D14 plug in there !!!! no time to fix that ,we have got to get back to denmark on the first ferry out at 08.00 so we have a chance to catch the ship bound for England from Esbjerg tomorrow evening , plan B get the gay Starship ready for action , its now loaded and ready to face yet another day of torrential rain and Fun 

Stay tuned and as Renshaw said NO SURRENDER !!!!

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