The Lost Nut

Its been a while since I've worked on a Cone shovel , so i was pleased to get a call on the Batphone … MAN THE ENGINE WON'T KICK THROUGH , was all that i heard, time to get to work , what could it be ,tranny, Cam,valves, oilring ,pushrods  ?? after eliminating every Question mark we where left with the last option , lift out the motor and start stripping her , first thing off was the rear head and look what we found !! the cut off stud that went missing the night before , sitting on top of the piston !! just think what that would have done if the engine started…. 
so the moral of this story is ….

Always have the plugs in the heads when working on your bike or engine & if you drop a bolt , washer or nut FIND IT !!before it goes ballistic in your newly rebuilt engine.

Ride Long & Safe 

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WhitelinePsycho said...

The Lord of the Rings works in mighty mysterious ways, the patron saint of anti disintergration.