Anything moving as fast or faster than your wife's tongue is dangerous , 
One millionth of a second decided the fate of The Thumb with a Table Saw.

Mind Blowing Blower

Here's a peekaboo of the Old school Megafoneus Pipes we will soon have up for sale , their not finished yet just some small adjustments before we make a batch of 20 , 
so get your names on the list   
Fitting Rigid Pans, knucks & Flatheads.

The Racer

Here's Andrews Lastest build, no leaf unturned here , pure craftmanship

Swap meet Randoms

Randoms taken today at the swap


Couple of more days and the Knucklehead dresser is ready to
 roll off the lift.

Oil Can Respect

Something very special about adding a drop of oil from an old oil can to your beloved bike , its almost ceremonial and done with great respect , 
or is it just a love of how beautiful functional things were 
made from a era that will never return?

C*H*O*P*P*E*R ????

Back in the Day  a Chopper was to me & my buddys, like Sean's Chopper or Captain Japan's in the photo's , these are to me REAL CHOPPER'S , what's with Guys putting a Bates seat on there ride & running stock front ends calling there bike's a Chopper ………. I need to know !!!.

 Whats your idea of a chopper ??

JP's Panhead Bobber

You nailed it on this one JP !! 

Teachs ULH Flathead

Looking forward to seeing the finished bike , those of you that know the cool bobbers Teach builds , know its gonna be a real nice 80" ULH Bobber. 
Kevin your mug is on its way !!!


Urgently wanted Leineweber # 0  for knucklehead contact ME
The photo is my # 2, i need the # 0

Flathead UL Bobber

Heres Andys UL from 1945 , keep those BigTwin Flatheads On the Road !!

Vintage Dresser Babe

Looking forward for the weather to turn , not long now , lots of hours in the workshop making ready …………… for the coming season , first up Denmark, The Castle Run 

Cone Kone

Robbans Mock Up 

Good to Know

Print & hang it on the workshop wall