Wanted Dead or Alive

Any Information on this super cool Rear Sprocket will be rewarded with a magnetozoo jamboree bag . who is making them , I NEED ONE !!!!


Milo said...


dave herr said...

i bet with a mill you could make this work for you. the i.d. of the chain ring is 193mm and the o.d. of a harley drum is roughly 235mm. im sure with a little work you could make it happen.


Gonzo said...

I read somewhere that in the pre-belt days, this was how they came from the factory.They did both drum and disc in this manner. I'm not a Harley fan, and have no 1st hand knowledge of this.

Gonzo said...

Apparently, old BSA's and Triumph's used this setup too.


No backing plates listed though.

Also Royal Enfield judging by this Indian Ebay post,