HobGoblin Flywheel

Balanced &  Torqued , just some minor truing & the hobgoblin will have some new Guts to run with. 

1941 only OilPump

The 1941 only Pump is now fully serviced & ready for the
HobGoblin Knuck 

Eighties Knuck

Not often you see these 80´s Knucks , saw this one at Mosten Dragrace in Denmark .

Knucklehead Dreams

This Knuck is just OOzing  class , more inspiration than this is Not Needed , thanks Taxi 

Bombs Away

Further improvements to the Hobgoblin knuck , the Infamous Bomb-sight venturi for the Linkert , not sure if this is going to make the knuck faster or drink more juice , but who cares it looks cool !!

Two Good Things

Two good things Happened Today firstly the Long hunt for an original Wheel cover came to an end , thanks Panhead Ed , these will be going on the Full dresser Knuck build this winter , & the second was getting some real Bangers from the Homeland thanks to visiting dignitaries, so fresh they were squealing as they hit the Pan !!  Man there's nothing Like a Sausage Sarnie .

Ed´s Knuck 1978

Great Pic Ed , 1978 was the year i saw the Ramones at the Rainbow !!

Gas Tank Shut Off Alignment Tool

I Never managed to get the gas tank drip free, it was high time for some Alignment work on the Tanks Making the shut off valve slip easily into place & enabling the cap to be easily screwed down with my fingers,unlike before with Pliers, now the Linkert doesn't overflow while parked .
I Will be Making a limited run of Alignment Tools to sell  in the very near future if you want one the please put your name down on the List . price will depend on how many of you are interested in purchasing this Must have tool , my calculations say a price of around $50 + shipping . meanwhile get your name on the LIST

Giving Head

Yep its time to Give the Heads a Service , Decoking, checking valves, re-seating rocker tins etc etc Ready for season Coming.

Killer Bobbers Bikes #1

A beautiful Bigtwin Flathead to feast your eyes on , all of the Killer Bobber crew from
Copenhagen run Real bobbers , heres Emil's the Professor's Flathead

Goodyear Eagle Tires

Very Limited Production of these super classic Tires that were offered around 1942-52 on Harley's , these are a little chunkier than the Super Eagles & have more sidewall tread, if your interested in a set of these beauty's then please add yourself to the List . Magnetozoo will be the European agent for this limited production run
Available for 16 inch wheels

Classic Guzzi

Moto Guzzi v8  can you imagine this bike topped speeds of over 180 mph back in 1955, using what must of been the Smallest V8 engine ever produced .

Original Paint 1948 FL Panhead

New Englands Finest , this ones for the
"Son Of Palmer" from Kings Hill 



Man !!! Love is in the Air !!

Vintage Jewels

 "Modernistic"  "Dignified"  "Distinctive"
............What a Great choice Of Words...........