Knuckinfantastic ......................

OH MY I'm In Love  Again.....................

Change of Heart

Went for the First Run Today on the Taco Bell Knuck 
Nothing Beats a fully rebuilt engine !!
Smooooth as silk

The Hobgoblin Knuck at the Doctors

Well my Pride & Joy The Hobgoblin Knuck is up on the Operating Table for some Nip & Tuck , stay tuned for more updates & post Op Photos

Extended Magneto Base Forest

The Extended magneto bases are soon ready for shipment , those of you that need one just send me a eMail Those who have already purchased hang in there , they will be on your bikes Very shortly.

Le Kone Français

This Kone Shovels is Perfect !! no bullshit,low,slim,industrial,with Nippon Style,Dave you Nailed it Man !!.
If your up in Northern France near the Belgium border & you see this beauty Give him the Thumbs Up !!
The MagNetozoo Sticker sits Perfectly !!! Merci beaucoup David.

Last of the Summer Glow

SunGlow on the Hillbillie Flathead

Naked Taco Bell Knuck

Those super Rad Helling Bars are for sale !!

Espresso Macchiato ArT

Some More Espresso Macchiato ArT  
Top one has got to be Fetal Position
Lower is Gargoyle
Or what do you Think ???

Monkey Business

No Business like Monkey Business

Marvin Hugs Brando

The Clothes the Bikes "OH MY" get me my Intergalatic Time Warping Tardis !!!

Puff The Magic Dragon

Well No looking Back now, Flatheads Rule !!!

Norwegian Knuckle

Here's Olav's Beautiful Bobbed Knucklehead from 1947

Barley Twists

Here's something you don't see everyday a WL 750 with a Hydra front end , in my book super cool !! but it took some sweat & tears to get it in there !!, looking forward to seeing the finished Bike, hopefully Thomas has more tricks up his Sleeve .  

Flathead di Italiano

 Molto piacevole molti ringraziamenti Stefano

Parts for sale

OEM Original Pan/Knuck Pumps 160 shipped (piece)


OEM Original Big twin Springer Rockers complete 330 shipped

OEM Knucklehead Cam cover , no cracks or welds 350 shipped

48 Panhead

1948 Panhead, this is how i like them !!

F/S Chrome Morris Magneto

Chrome will get you home !! nice clean strong spark Morris Mag , comes with a unfiled lid , not the one shown in the Photo , this magneto is for all bigtwins 36-69.


Knucklehead Racer

Man !!! inspiration by the Bucket Loads when i Look at this beauty , this is gonna be a Busy Winter.

F/S Vintage Sheepskin Flying suit


Run a Hot rod , Roadster or Old school Bobber or fly a Spitfire or a Messerschmitt Bf 109 then look no further a Vintage flying suit  that is super cool to keep you super warm
1940-50´s fully lined sheepskin & leather flying suit , still very supple , no tears , few stitch's have come apart and the leg zip got stuck , nothing your Mum could´nt fix if you give her a couple of Babychams.
Good size large , which is unusual for back then , as this was made before we had Mac D´s & Soap operas .

Braking horsepower

Moving in excess of 350 KPH in under 4.5 seconds this Topdoorslammer
 needs more than a prayer to slow it down, it needs  DEIST chutes

The Segattini Shovel

Most bikes look cool  from the Money side , Martins Shovel looks just as good from the Dark side
Real nice Ride !!! Early Shovels Rule !! and an Early Franks Genny !!

Du bist einfach wunderschön Knucklehead

Ben´s 47 Knucklehead, did you get the Gear ??

Peoples Choice

Ok whats it to be the Springer or the Hydra front end ???

Drag Bike

No Bimbos around keeping the Sun off this True Grit Drag Biker , more photos to come from the Nitro weekend we have just returned from.

Harley Knucklehead FL 1200 Bobber For Sale


Finally Ready for someone to have some Fun On ,
completely rebuilt & Renovated Knucklehead
Engine has zero miles since total Rebuild.
more info & Price Please contact Me