SpringTime for Hitler Sale

Time to finance the next Build send me a mail HERE

Hill Climb Glory

We need to get this back on track just for old Harleys !! is there a hill near you that could be used ??

Face Value

Finally Got me mitts on a OEM scruffy 41-46 Civilian Speedo face to replace the War Face .

Gremlin Buster

Well the Hillbilly Flathead was Playing Up through Denmark , this weekend i Pulled the Gearbox , Mainshaft totally fucked ,1/2 inch Play at any given angle, refitted a reserve Tranny while the fucked tranny gets rebuilt. Totally cleaned the fuel system with brake cleaner & compressed air  including Carb which i refitted with one of those Rubber Ducky Floats. Then stripped the Wico Magneto which i recharged & reset the Timing, now she starts 3rd Kick !! looking forward to running it done to Nääs tommorow. Need your  Magneto Recharged ?? contact Me

The Surgeon General's Advice

Don´t Leave home without it......................

American Express = Nope

Tool Kit = Yes

Knuckleheads fantastiques de France

More Beauties from Linkert Attacks

Double Dutch

Very unusual Magneto cover on a WL 750 Owned & ridden by charming Lady from Holland who i had the Pleasure to meet At L . A
Luv the knurled Kill Switch 

Ogden's Nut Gone Flake

Timeless Small Faces

Doesn't Get Much Better than This !! Stay Cool

French Connection

Freaky Rico somewhere Near Swindon , Hope you got Home  !!!
Next Time we Meet i will be on the French Connection Knuck.
Vive la France !!!

MagnetoZoo Extended Magneto Base/Axel

No more grinding off The Boss to Run a Magneto

Finally Ready, Ordering & More Info  HERE

TT Vincent Rapide

Could´nt Believe my Mince Pies , just bought some circlips at the local Hardware store & sitting outside was this TT Vincent Rapide Racer !!! not everyday you see such a rare beauty let alone in the Flesh !!!.

Proud to be English

Proud to be English when a nice bird of 25 offers you a cup of Tea while you are on your knees in the gutter covered in Grease & filling her flashy hairdressers in fashionable Hampton Court London with Petrol fumes, just after you've emptied the float Bowl straight out on the floor & forgot to shut the Petrol off at the Tank & muttering obscenities in both English & Swedish, while all these rock star wifeys & groupie type birds are going in & out getting Pampered in her Salon, with me looking like Alf Garnett trying to get my bike fixed , this really brought back a hope that i had almost lost, Thank you for knowing that Wars are won & Bikes Are Fixed on the Great British Cuppa.

Back from Blighty & L.A.U.K

Linkert Attacks UK , was without doubt the best Jam i have ever been too , the Bikes were outstanding, the Guys & Girls were from the Planet Laidback & the Black widows done a Blinding Job in putting together & running this great event, sane humans will be without doubt willing to cut their right arm off just to get an invite to the next Linkert Attacks. The Dook rocked , the food was great & the Scrumpy making minds see strange things , like horses singing while knucklehead engines floated out of there mouths instead of notes ?? Mad John also drunk scrumpy (Ogdens Nutgone Flake)
I knew this was gonna be a cool do when officer Dibble flagged us in off the A303 into StoneHenge´s Parking !!.  & that every hand you shook had some form of Oil or grease covering them, then you know that your in Good company .
just after winning Best Knucklehead i heard the Sound of a glorious Supermarine Spitfire doing a dive not more than a mile away in sight of everybody at the party ,
 life doesn't get much better than that !!.

After a round Road trip of 3520km or 2022 imperial miles not counting the North sea , the Knuck float bowl nut broke which i got TIG welded just around the corner from where it broke off at Hampton Court & it just killed plugs every 100 km so i bought every Champion D16 or NGK AB6 in South west London (40 Plugs) so i could get back to Sweden , & the moment i handed over the Dosh. like 200 nicker, it never killed another plug !!! so if you need some plugs for your knucklehead i have a few left over !!. The Flathead got some shit in the carb & was running like a Grasshopper on fucking crack on the return journey through Denmark , people passing us must of thought Tommy had Parkinson's !!! time was short otherwise i would have stripped Linkert , as it was we just made the Ferry from Denmark to Sweden with 2 minutes to spare before they shut the ramp.

To all the People that i finally got to put the Face to the Name & hand to the Hand & all the New Friends we Made,  Luv & Mud , see you in France !!!



More Photos in the next few days