Lambretta LI 125

My Bro´s Minty lambi with a Nice 185 Conversion under the side panels ready to give my Knuck a run for its Money !! Mods & Rockers forever !!!, I'm almost a 100% fucking sure that he was born with those shades on !!

Spick & Span Knuck

Just Finished Polishing & waxing the Knuck for Linkert Attacks UK

Linkert Attacks Ready to Roll

  Bikes serviced & ready to Roll to Blighty & the Linkert Attacks UK 
Soirée .

Deaths Head Pontiac

Saw this Pontiac at the Jokers Party

Chevy Stepside Heaven

Oh Man what a dream, breaking down in your 48 chevy 3100 stepside & a 48 COE Comes to the Rescue !!

A Fuck Moment

Yep, they come & go, some bigger than others some funnier than others , this was one of those FUCK moments , the Generator strap mounting section snapping clean off the Motor Block , no time to weld  it before Linkert Attacks , so it looks like i am going to Church for the rest of the week to ask for some divine intervention to keep the genny in place for 10 days, while on the road.

Happy Knuckles

Happy smiles !! letting your friends ride your Knuck !!

Frying Tonite

Yep i have just joined the Krispy 6 volts Gen Club !! burn baby burn. Time to rethink the 6 volt dilemma & how to keep everything rolling , so i decided to A) Jumping the
Switch & relay posts , allowing full charge to the lights all the time without the third bush working its ass off to keep everything charged & overheating. & B) placing a 7.2 v zen diode on both the wires coming from the generator, to harness any overload to the battery & bulbs , no more than 7.2 volts will pass them .This set up is keeping my
battery charged & my bulbs from blowing  & most importantly my generator is not overheating, fingers crossed.

Sweden Rock Festival

Jörgen has got the Benz ready to roll for Sweden Rock Festival !!!

41 Knucklehead Engine

Just the conrods & Honing the Bores left on the Long list of to dos for the 41. This Puppy will be Running a Leineweber #2 Cam which will make things a little more interesting :)

Old School Sportster Chopper

Looking through my old 70´s Chopper Mags i found this Sweet Sportster made by Rich Black from San Jose California , built in the so called Bay Area Style back in 1974

10 Hour PanHead

Finally after 10 hours hard work the Pan is burning the roads of Kings Hill , Great Job Pontus

Old Geezers Garage

This is the Pilot demo , be sure to watch the whole show !!!