Harley Dragbikes

Bob George is a true pioneer in the field of twin engined Harley dragracers and land speed record machines. He went to Bonneville for the first time in 1958 and build his first twin engined Harley dragracer in 1960. Other people also rode on his creations, like Don Vesco. He reached world fame with his fully streamlined “record-cigars” In 1975 Dave Campos reached a speed of  291 mph (468 km/u) with a Bob George recordbike that featured twin Shovelheads . This machine later was purchased by “Easy Riders”. They used it for their famous and successful 1980 record attempt, during which the Bob George tuned twin engined machine reached an incredible speed of 290.8 mph (468 km/h). He also filed a patent for a liquid cooling system for Harley V-twin engines in 1972.

Veiwers Walls # 4

Mortens Wall

The Green Twig Project

 After 25 years dismantled & crated the UL Flathead Bobber is Being Reborn
Stay tuned for The GreenTwig Project

For Sale Joe Hunt Magneto

Nice Clean solid Joe Hunt Magneto, Hot Spark, just Bolt in Fits all Knuckleheads Panheads & Early Shovels. SOLD


Custodian of all things Good

Veiwers Walls # 3

Jesse´s wall

Teach´s Knucklehead Shrine

                         Teach`s Offerings to the Mighty Knuckle Gods

Vintage Glass Shifter Knob

Been saving this for a while , original 1940´s
Glass Jeweled  Shifter now on the Hillbilly Flathead.

For Sale Fairbanks morse Sportster/ Flathead Magneto

Nice Original Harley Fairbanks Morse Magneto Great Patina & Hot Spark


Black Knuck revisited

                                    Only this time in Colour Thanks Mother

Linkert three bolt MR2 Race Carb

Not often you see these !!
1930's Linkert three bolt MR2 alcohol barrel  racing carb. 
produced  1934-1938 . legendary racer Joe Petrali  used one of
these carburetors on his record setting knucklehead streamliner

Vintage Porsche 356

Design at its Best
Line & curve Perfect
The Porsche 356
is Art

UL Flathead

Taken at the Jokers Party last year

Old school Chopper

   Super cool Old School  Patches only got 6   
$20 each including worldwide shipping + a grab of Magnetozoo stickers

James 1200 Flathead

Always a Pleasure Meeting you Both

The vilhelmina Flathead

Found Last Year , Last started 37 years Ago

Treasures shipped from far away

Soon to be Speaking Swedish

OEM 1945 Knuckleheads

These went on the El Paso Knuck

Evil Rat  whats Missing on the worktop ???