HandShifter Pins

Only a Few Left !! To Purchase click here

Size Matters, Air Snout

Dr Claes showed me the difference between the different
1937 Air Snouts/Horn  , Take Note:
UL 1200 Flathead is much longer at 10"
45 WL Flathead is  8 1/2"
Knucklehead  8 1/2"  but reversed
 Tack You  Dr Claes

Junk Motor Linkert Candy

Need something Hand Made for your Linkert , look no further than Toms fantastic Horns & stacks at Junk Motors

WANTED Knuck/flathead outer Primary

Wanted To Buy  scruffy dented chipped paint road rash early Outer Primary for Knucklehead or FlatHead contact with price & Photo.

Pikey Tips

Never Throw Anything away , had this bit over after customising the Loch Ness Monster Pipe Bracket , just what i needed to repair the inner primary, Tigged & ready to Fit.

Vintage Skin

Adjusting Intake Valve Tappets Flathead

.004"  to  .005"  Intake Valve
    .007"  to  .008"   Exhuast Valve

Head Job Done

Always Anneal copper gaskets , & after the first run re-tighten all head bolts.

Perfect Rusty 7"J-SLOT

Great horny toads !!!

1947 Hill Climb Knucklehead , Thanks Mike

Forever Stamped

Mr Flanders keeping the Hillbilly Flathead on the Straight & Narrow

Hillbilly Flathead On the Lift

Ok the knuck came down today & the 1200 Hillbilly Flathead Goes up on the Lift , gonna start work on it tomorrow !! first off will be shimming the Engine & Locking her down , Looking forward to kicking life into this Puppy.

Taco Bell FL Knucklehead Finished

Finally Got the Taco Bell Knuck down From the Lift 98% Finished
Small things like rear Lamp glass ,Speedo , Magneto timed & Shes ready To Breath , Totally rebuilt engine with some Leineweber  goodies should prove to be a fast Knuck , this will be For Sale as soon as the last Parts are in Place.
More info

Stationary Knucklehead

AutoShow Juxtapod

Good to See you At the Show !!! the Dream team consists of the Dream Catcher Belin & the Dream Makers Biffen & Ludvig, if your in Gothenburg go & visit them , the Juxtapod & Dream Team are at the Svenska Mässan  until sunday . 

Fick or Fin ??

Thanks Micky Wrench

Need to Know

What colour is this or was ??? was it the black & white Civilian face or the Military green face on my 41-46 speedometer , No fun being Colour Blind !!!!!!!

Evel Knievel Suit

Evo Porn

Yep its an Evo Folks !!! Stunning
This was a while back its sadly no longer with us

Barn 1200 Flattie

Somewhere in Sweden

Perfect !!!

Sometimes things just work out better than expected, this is one of those moments, The Hillbilly Flattie is a step nearer !!
Thanks Josh for a Killer Ignition Switch


Two Sweet Knucks Taken by Our Friend Tom at Junk Motors

Wizard Of Wire

The 45 Knuck gets Urbans magical Touch
Now all that's left is getting the Magneto Axel's back
from the Machinist & shes finally coming down off the Lift .
Urban You are the Wizard Of Wire
Thanks Man !!!

Wico XV1922 Race Mag instructions

Time to get my XV1922 Timed in with the help of this great sheet of info from back in the Day , check out Beauty of speed for tons of  40´s & 50´s race info

What is the world coming too !!

Even Ebay is fucking with our Freedom or more precisely my Fucking Freedom, just got this email from the Obersturmbannführer at Ebay politically fucking correct department:

MC006 eBay Listing Removed: Hateful or Discriminatory (442154260)
You recently listed the following listing:
280610688972 - Swazi foot Pegs chopper bobber Love Cycles

Unfortunately, we had to remove your listing because the following information violates our policy:
Your listing has been removed because you have listed an item bearing Nazi symbols. Items bearing Nazi or SS symbols are not permitted on eBay. We do not permit sellers to list items that promote or glorify hatred, violence, racial or religious intolerance, or items that promote organizations with such views. Please do not relist this item.
Sellers aren't permitted to list items that promote violence, hatred, racial or religious intolerance, or items from organizations that promote these views.
We don't allow items or memorabilia associated with the Nazi Party.
You won't be able to list these items even if you crop or edit the listing photo so that an offensive symbol isn't visible. ...................................

Anyways the Love Cycles super cool Swazi Pegs are for sale  shipped anywhere on this Planet, Payment thru PayPal email me for more info