Oh what a mindblast

"Dialing in the Magneto Topless"

Oh what a mindblast. Jacky Jill, knees up Mother Brodie.
Oh what a joy of a trickley howathere.
So I hope you'll turn out three quarters half as lovely won't you
wouldn't half and enjoy it. Study cool won't ya.

First one to email me with the name of Band these Lyrics come from 
gets a Handshifter Pin & Magnetozoo decals


Anonymous said...

Small Faces - The hungry intruder

Anonymous said...

Hey...what kind of 'closed shop, keep it in the family' kind of blog you running here? I've posted up the answer to your quiz twice now and both times you've removed my reply. I'm a regular viewer of most of the best UK HD blogs (from which I got your link) and without a doubt, this is the shittiest I've ever been treated. Thank goodness for the fact that most US blogs are not run the way you choose to do yours.

Anonymous said...

Ok..take back what I just said....didn't see the word email...duh!...knew the answer and was in a rush to post reply..thought a comment would have got me the goodies. Only anon because don't have any of the other ids to post with...apologies.

MagnetoZoo said...

Portsmouth Charlieboy send me an email with your Address !!!

F.T.T.L. said...

Fucking excellent stuff.
Beep beep beep!
Human reversing.

righteous said...