Long Live Happiness Stan

,Over 160 correct answers , Wow,  good to know that there's still a load of Small Faces Fans out there !!

The first 3 emails with the correct answer were from 

Ian From St fraimbault France

Roger From Fresno USA

Toby From Chamberino USA

Your Little Packets are on There Way !!!!

And Last but not Least 
the whining little sissy from Portsmouth  who is bitching like a little girl about his post being removed i thought you would like a Pin & some stickers to at least give some sort of temporary relief to your infliction of Giganticous Wankerous

But as you hide behind an anonymous post & did not send in an email like i requested   i cannot send you the Pin  , Oh what a Shame !!!


arcadian said...

haha thats funny, mr magzoo - go on publish and be damned...

triumphdirtsled said...

you should send it to me. i would never do such a thing...