The Holy Grail is in Sight ??

The quest to actually find someone to reline your brake shoes & true your brake drums & work could be finally over, after a Tip from a very well known Gentleman, i sent off 2 sets of Springer brakes to an OldTimer who's been apparently doing these since the Romans ruled England, well today i got them back & they look good, real good , anything that's wrapped with Care in brown paper gets my pulse pumping, just that oldschool touch is all that was needed to know this is The End of The Rainbow, the workmanship Perfect, the shoes fit perfectly and the drum is trued to perfection. stay tuned for the final test on the Road. 


Rowan said...

who??.... spill the beans paulie

mine need doing real bad !!!!

semtex said...

Trevligt att du har fått broms på järnhästen så nu kan du börja gasa
full rulle

The Shop said...

I would like to know as well.