Cottens Floats

Well, while my Seeing Eye lucky coin Protects me from Evil, my Linkert Float from The Legendary and 150% Nice guy Tom Cotton at Liberty's will give my Linkert the Power to float me blissfully along the roads of Europe & beyond.
Thanks Tom !!

Knucklehead Cams

1936 Lightning cam

1936 Lightning cam with different Grind

Andrews S cam

Leineweber # 2

Lightning cams

All of the above cams will give you noticeable performance

Olavs P & R

Norwegian Olav´s  Pan & Roadster

Danish Speed

Skagens Finest

Nippon Bomber

Robbans super cool Honda , sounds as cool as it Looks Too.

Crack Head Ronny

Guarding the Hole while the knuck Engine is at the Hospital , evil rumours abound that a Cone-shovel has its eye on the Knuck Hole,
God Forbid.

Supersonic Dawg

Meet the Supersonic Dawg & half dog owner,
they blew past us at 220 + 
Now i understand why the Mutt has his own
cockpit complete with windscreen.

" Behold "

Beauty is in the eye of the Beholder
To my eyes this is Just Pure Art , the Fantastic only one ever made,
BMW R7 from 1934

Knuck Engine Rebuild

Well After Tearing down the the Hobgoblin Knuck, it seems that its in Need of some new Con Rods along with some medium comp pistons, then as My  Mum used to say, Its as good as Gold again !! , or was it,
As right as Rain ??

Bertils old school Chopper

Not Often you see Nostalgia Bertils old school Pan Chopper on the Road

HobGoblins Heart

Deep down you know somethings not quite Right !! the time had come to get into the Heart of the Hobgoblin Knuck. I also found out why i had problems dailing the timing in !! its been running with a Tooth out of sync .

Mr B ´s Knucklehead

Mr B´s Beautiful Knucklehead  from Sunshine City Sweden  
See you Again as soon as the Sun returns.............. 

Last Run this Season

Great Company ,Great Day ,Great Run !!

Full Dresser Madness

Thanks Big Apple Doug !!!
Wanted Dresser Bumpers, Bags & accessories  contact

Holy Sofa´s !!!!!

The day has come that i never thought would Come.
The Buddy Has Landed & I at least think its cool

Panhead Art

Artist Extrordinaire , Mats.........his Panhead tank a couple of years back

Linkert Tech Post

Always referring to this Tech  , print & slap it on the Wall .

Far Eastern Delights

Petter Norskan´s Pan gives Rising Sun Thoughts

Chromed Magneto for Sale

Good Strong Spark Ready to Run , fits knuckleheads panheads & early Shovels


Extended Magneto Base

Ready for shipment !!  Buy  Here


Black Beauty .........................

Knuck Chopper

Bird, Knuck, Moulded frame, Magneto , Apes, Chopper, 1971 In a Nutshell

Wickmans Barn Revisited

Proof that Barn finds are still Findable & moreover Rideable in condition found

Jamesville Custom

James you truly are a Gentleman and a Scholar !!! Thanks.
Order your fine Jamesville T-shirt here