Proud to be English

Proud to be English when a nice bird of 25 offers you a cup of Tea while you are on your knees in the gutter covered in Grease & filling her flashy hairdressers in fashionable Hampton Court London with Petrol fumes, just after you've emptied the float Bowl straight out on the floor & forgot to shut the Petrol off at the Tank & muttering obscenities in both English & Swedish, while all these rock star wifeys & groupie type birds are going in & out getting Pampered in her Salon, with me looking like Alf Garnett trying to get my bike fixed , this really brought back a hope that i had almost lost, Thank you for knowing that Wars are won & Bikes Are Fixed on the Great British Cuppa.


Pete Stansfield said...

Beauty, tea rules.

MacGyver said...

Sounds epic, good to have met you, gonna send you wiring diagram of the magnetocoilpointsbatterydualplug, its a winner.