Tech Tip Springer Brake

                                This Little Tech Tip should give you at least
60% better braking power

 Here you can see the difference, OEM below, aftermarket top
Bendy Bendy time
Now they are all the same Radius

Brakes or lack of them on the wonderful kamikaze springer mechanical brake , 80% of the time they just don't get the job done , at best they just slow you down a bit , try this little trick i done after changing about every part available to man and still no brakes , i checked the OEM shoes against the aftermarket shoes & found them to have a different radius , just put them in the jaws of the vice , if you have a vice with Mick Jagger Jaws you can squeeze the shoes tighter otherwise just use a pipe or Rio bar bender to get the right radius like i did , if you haven't got any OEM Shoes as a template you can lay them in the drum, until you see that they follow the curvature of the drum, all that's needed is around a 2 cm tighter radius . man what a difference !!

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Milo said...

A* 10/10 great tip!