Cuban Harleys

More Photos in the Near future of Harleys on Cuban soil .

Big Incher Leaving Town

Mattes Big Incher is Leaving town Hopefully to be transformed into a Nice Panhead !!

47 Knuck Fun

Having Fun on the 47 Knucklehead x 2

My Honda Always Runs

4 Years Ago at Robbans May Graduation  

King Rats Finned Primary

Complete with Custom Cop Siren

Sunes Knucklehead

Lots of Goodies on Sunes Knucklehead

Children of the Damned Bulb

Still blowing Bulbs on the Flathead after adjusting the relay with scientific Precision ,still driving like Mr Lucas did, No Lights , looks like its gonna be one of those state of the art digital units hiding under the relay cover , unless someone has some secret information they are willing to share in how to keep your 6 volt bulbs from looking like the children of the Damned Eyes did back in 63 !!

ILSA She wolf of the SS

If you ever get a chance to watch this, do it !!.
Cult film from 1974

Linkert velocity Stack

Time to put this on the road !!

Meanwhile back in the sixties

Viewers Walls # 8

Sverres Wall

Knucklehead Time

Its Time to Take the Knuck out for a Spin !!!!

Oil Tank Art

Lucky Rilla !!

Taco Bell Knucklehead

The Taco Bell knucklehead will soon be ready for Sale, motor totally renovated with rare OEM 1945 Heads, stay tuned for the complete list & photos Next week.


Muddy Waters would have Sung his Sad Sad Day song , Mr GreenTwig has just informed Me that The Legendary Grönqvist Swap is now History.
Forever Gone but not forgotten.

1936 EL Knucklehead

Maybe one fine day i will be able to buy Takushi´s stunning 36 knuck &
ride her only on perfect summer days :)

The De Lorean

Not often you bump into one of the Famous or Infamous DeLorean Stainless Steel creations which saw the Light of day Back in 1975 with only 9000 cars built, This one was outside a cheapo hardware store in Gothenburg the other day , seeing this got me thinking about the classic driving gloves worn by the chappies that drive these stainless steel gull wing cars & the type of gloves we wear running our old Knuckleheads & Pans, thankfully worlds apart.......

Greentwig 47 Knucklehead motor

Yet Another beautiful fully renovated Knucklehead motor to leave the GreenTwig Bench

Tech Tip Springer Brake

                                This Little Tech Tip should give you at least
60% better braking power

 Here you can see the difference, OEM below, aftermarket top
Bendy Bendy time
Now they are all the same Radius

Brakes or lack of them on the wonderful kamikaze springer mechanical brake , 80% of the time they just don't get the job done , at best they just slow you down a bit , try this little trick i done after changing about every part available to man and still no brakes , i checked the OEM shoes against the aftermarket shoes & found them to have a different radius , just put them in the jaws of the vice , if you have a vice with Mick Jagger Jaws you can squeeze the shoes tighter otherwise just use a pipe or Rio bar bender to get the right radius like i did , if you haven't got any OEM Shoes as a template you can lay them in the drum, until you see that they follow the curvature of the drum, all that's needed is around a 2 cm tighter radius . man what a difference !!

Sarges Stock 1200 UL Flathead

Good to see unmolested Vintage Steel rolling like the Day it left Milwaukee
back in 1937, Thanks Sarge

Strange Brew

Back in 1968 Eric Clapton, Ginger Baker & Jack Bruce were CREAM  singing Strange Brew (tube it), Moving forward 43 years its time to look at another Strange Brew, a well Built Cone Shovel Knuck which is for sale locally.

Running Like a Dog

Huffing & Puffing chugging & clunking the Linkert throws us into Scratching head mode yet again , after a while you know what to look for but only after half an hour of head scratching

The Slippery eel

Pontus & his amazing Slippery eel came out to Play Today , you really need to hear & See this live to Appreciate the incredible Fabricating skills & hard work Pontus has put in to make this a truly fantastic work of Art , this is hand made for real !!!

BB Knucklehead Chopper

Brothers Belin at work on the Latest Creation to see the Light at the BB Workshop
An Old School Knuckle Chopper

Wasserman Knucklehead

Daves Beautiful Knuck

West Coast Mats

You can Spend all day Looking at the Details Mats puts into his Panhead.
A true Artist & Gentleman

Early Shovel

Sometimes looking back brings you forward

37 Knucklehead engine

To beautiful for words except One Day Thomas Pigs will fly