Exxon Valdez & Beyond

Finally got round to fixing the Oil bag from hell on the Knucklehead, i thought it had cracked, leaking a Quart every time i stopped , tore it down & looked for a split seam or hole, Nope, pressure tested it , Tighter than the Incredible Hulks butt !! , went over all the Nipples & threads , all good , refitted it, No Leaks ?? still scratching my head as i ride off into the Sunset.

NOS Cork Tank washers

Can any wondrous Wizard of the secret society for cork tank washers let me into the dark secret of how to get these on without breaking them or do you have to soak them for a Thousand Moon Years ??

Broken Knucks & Bones


Speed will always catch up with you one way or another

Wood Chopping Hillbillies

Sunshine Sunshine !! its finally come to Sweden & so has Chopping season, luckily for me i got two Mates over & my dog is out hunting prime cuts of deer , Happy Easter !!

Martins Sporty

Nice Sporty from Spain , check och Martins Blog

Guy The Gorilla

Anyone Born in London in the sixties Knows who Guy is , i hated getting forced to watch Guy on School outings , man i hate Zoos & felt sorry for Guy.
My little Mascot fending off evil demons is called Guy too , but he´s free to roam wherever he Likes.

Electric Franks

No old school Chopper is complete without  Electric Franks regulator !!!

Viewers Walls # 7


Mats Wall


Everybody Luvs a Real Trump , this one was at Last Years Last run  at Valens Custom

FlatHead Power Knucklehead

Heres Johns super Rad Flathead Power Knuck, the specs so far,  Just got my engine finished, 86" stroker, all S&S bottom w/ FHP knuckle top. Andrew's "K" cams, stroker plates, KB forged pistons, los of head work- all big shovel internals guides/valves  First mock-up: Stock rake Paughco wishbone, -2 under narrow springer, 23" X 1.75" front rim w/ vintage Hallcraft spool and Buchannons stainless spokes, 5 speed w rocker clutch/hand shift, dual skinny belts, BDL primary belt/clutch. Those are the original Fat-Bobs from my Pan, axed to shit; left side filler is a stainless stash tube. Made the "SS" bars, rear fender struts. Primary is a cut-up stock Softail, same with rear wheel/brakes.
Be sure to check out Johns super rad bars at CycleDelic Cycles 
Craftsmanship & Quality second to none !!

Knucklehead Flat track Motor Revisited

Some more detailed Pics for those who dig this Motor , its given a few people i know some inspiration to take the Grinder to a Full size Knuckle Motor , May the Balls be with You !! & send us some pics of the moment of no Return

1943 Women Workers

Safety First !! Protecting those fine Firm Assets with the Plastic Bra

Mikas Psychedelic Panhead Build

Looking Good Mika , the Paint Job is Way Cool , looking forward to Seeing the Finished Bike

Happiness Stan

Finally found him after all these Years
Long Live Ogdens Nut Gone Flake

Relay Defeated

 Well i Tried to run that 6 volt 3 brush Gen without a battery or Relay , NOPE it Don't work, Blackpool illumifuckinations for 3 seconds then Pop goes the weasel !.I am forced against my will to fit the relay on the Hillbilly or buy shares in Mr Bulb, i Should have chucked in a 12 volt with a cycle electric regulator stuck on the end , but hillbilly boy wouldn't have had one of them back in the day , so the 3 brush 6 volts
Stays Put

Honda Chopper

Never leave home without your camera , saw this down in South East Asia , Honda Chopper with Daddy Loooong legs & Rabbit ears on Crack !! Enjoy

Chopper Ratus

The Ice Cream Man From Hell
Rides his choppers with a Real Chopper helmet
The Kids Luv Him the cops Hate him

Veiwers Walls # 5

Lorans French Style Wall

Speed Kills

Panna Pontus

knucklehead flat track motor

Very Rare 1941 EL Knucklehead Flat Track Motor 

Hillbilly Flatty Running Strong

Finally Got the Hillbilly Flathead breathing Today with a lot of help from my friends thanks Guys !! Engine Run in Starts next week so the HillBilly Flathead is Ready for the Journey to the Dook this Summer, Big Tommy is going to Ride her through my Home town London & onward towards the west country , with me in close pursuit on the Knucklehead
Celebrating 25 Years of Friendship, 4 Marriages & 4 kids
Ride On !!

Pontus BTW Great action Photo :)