Linkert three bolt MR2 Race Carb

Not often you see these !!
1930's Linkert three bolt MR2 alcohol barrel  racing carb. 
produced  1934-1938 . legendary racer Joe Petrali  used one of
these carburetors on his record setting knucklehead streamliner


Milo said...

was this a predecessor to the MR3?

Greg said...

Milo I've read various literature indicating the MR2 was linkerts only barrel carb and designed specifically for alcohol use.The MR3 is basically your typical 4 bolt 1 1/2" linkert.It used mostly off the shelf parts same as about all used.The needles are used in all MR series carbs (excluding the MR2) as well as the M53 and M53A1.It used the same bombsight ventura that all the carbs I've mentioned used,I've had both the correct early hand fabricated bombsight ventura carbs as well as the newer version invest cast bombight ventura carbs.I've typed more MR3 information then I planned likely due to it being my favorite linkert out of dozens and dozens of linkerts I've owned.It's unique only in featuring the shortest body due to the lack of choke assembly,other then that they vary from linkerts existing design with minor modifications to metering functions for intended use,the MR3 was as well as all MR series carbs excluding the MR2 was designed for small inch engines with huge cams.
A quick note on Petrali's various bikes he raced the knucklehead powered streamliner used a pair of MR2's.

Milo said...

Cool! thanks for the info!