Harley Dragbikes

Bob George is a true pioneer in the field of twin engined Harley dragracers and land speed record machines. He went to Bonneville for the first time in 1958 and build his first twin engined Harley dragracer in 1960. Other people also rode on his creations, like Don Vesco. He reached world fame with his fully streamlined “record-cigars” In 1975 Dave Campos reached a speed of  291 mph (468 km/u) with a Bob George recordbike that featured twin Shovelheads . This machine later was purchased by “Easy Riders”. They used it for their famous and successful 1980 record attempt, during which the Bob George tuned twin engined machine reached an incredible speed of 290.8 mph (468 km/h). He also filed a patent for a liquid cooling system for Harley V-twin engines in 1972.