Priceless Daily Mirror Newspaper Snippet ,This Brings back memories, mid to late seventies Summertime in London Town where all of this was going down !! Me i was in the , Enjoy fighting category , Skins back then were into Reggae & ska , Oxblood DM´s, Loafers, Brogues, Staypress, Donkey jackets, Crombies,Ben Sherman's,Harrington's, Silk CFC scarfs, Pikey boots, Braces, Fred Perrys, Twotone, a little Paki bashing & a lot of terrace rumbles,we never went to Church on Sundays our church was the SHED end on Saturdays, then the NF came along , the rest is history.


Tripod said...

Not really home sick, Same era though.Cherry reds and parrallels, harrington,no description for boot boys i see.Still wear a harrington while riding. Koppite rule! Now down under 30yrs.

Quaffmeister said...

Head Hunters Rule!!!!!!!!!!!
Come on you Chelsea

jimmy monk said...

I started in the middle of the shed,
ended up on the White wall of the shed.
Now I'm east stand middle shelf like an aristocrat.
One day we will be shit again.
Chelsea will always break your heart.