Frank From Bremen

Just Met Frank , its Cold , most of Sweden is at -15° to 25° and Norway is just a Bit Colder Most of the roads are covered in Snow & Ice, we are moaning about the weather & cannot wait for April so we can roll our bikes out for there first run.

Here is Frank in the Middle of winter riding alone through Scandinavia on his Classic Moto Guzzi 850 T-3 , he has just arrived in Gothenburg after driving from His Home town in Bremen Germany looking forward to the run up to Östersund then over to Trondhiem , down to Olso then over to Denmark & back to Bremen, a round trip of as the Crow flys of 3600 km or 2240 miles or if you like Horse Racing 17895 Furlongs. This Man suddenly Makes most of the Shit we do look like Nothing !!!  Frank you have my total RESPECT !!

If you see Frank on the road beep your horn,wave your arm, give him a big Smile & take a photo & send it to Magnetozoo.

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