Wickmans Wonder Knucklehead

Pioneer Bobber Built by Jonas 17 years Ago

Dice # 1

For Sale Mint condition, Offers :) 
Highest bid came from New York

Sold for $180

Knuckleheads Forever decals for sale

Finally Got the Roth Knuckleheads Forever Decal done !!
Super thin Super Industrial quality Laser cut with honeycombed cells so it runs thru curved surfaces , those of you that have my Magnetozoo Decals know what Quality we are talking about !! Only 100 Made we don't want every  Tom, Dick & Harry running these on there Cool Yams Do we ??
                                   Price Including Worldwide Shipping  $12

1947 The Big Apple

What you would have seen if you were Driving your brand new 1947 Knucklehead Past Macys in the Big Apple Back in 47 

Danish Knuckle Sandwich

Villys Three in a Bed !!! One word = BEAUTIFUL

NOS 6 VOLT Battery

                                           LUCK is a 4 Letter word Too
The HB Flattie Has Now got its self some decent ACID
You just gotta love the Warning Text

The Wall

My Wall
send Pics of your Wall cause everybody luvs pics of workshop walls send  here

For Sale Fairbanks Morse sportster flathead UL ULH WL WLA WR XLHC Magneto

Info +  Photos

Wanted Saddlebag

Wanted Saddlebag for the Hillbilly Bobber, like the Ones in The Photos Send Info here

For sale Joe Hunt Magneto

                       Polished Joe Hunt with Morris Advance/retard Base
                                   Panhead Knucklehead early Shovel
                             $650 Shipped Payment thru PayPal Only
                Only 2 Mags Left after this One !!! get them while you can !!


Mr Pudding I Presume ?


Quiz # 2 Who Am I ??

Who Am I ??

First one to write the correct answer in the comments wins a
Handshifter Pin & Grab of Magnetozoo stickers

Afternoon Delight

Vintage Skin

Lines Of Barten

Barten, Builder of Perfect Choppers & serious Horse Power engines, every conceivable detail is well thought out & well executed .

DownUnder Jason´s Cone Mag

Thanks Jason , yours are in the Post

Daves Knucklehead

Black Is Beautiful

For Sale Joe Hunt Magneto

Fits Knucklehead Panhead, early shovel, just come back from A full service from Joe hunt,Very Strong spark, new points & top-plate, clear cover,complete with almost new Morris retard/advance axel & base
                                                 $500 more Pics


45 Flathead

Thanks Tim

Slowly but Surely HB

The Hillbilly Bobber is moving in the right direction Wiring & Clutch Left.

Toronto John´s Iron

Winner of the First # 1 Quiz !!!  Posted Yesterday.

1940´s M.O.D

Pure Design


Priceless Daily Mirror Newspaper Snippet ,This Brings back memories, mid to late seventies Summertime in London Town where all of this was going down !! Me i was in the , Enjoy fighting category , Skins back then were into Reggae & ska , Oxblood DM´s, Loafers, Brogues, Staypress, Donkey jackets, Crombies,Ben Sherman's,Harrington's, Silk CFC scarfs, Pikey boots, Braces, Fred Perrys, Twotone, a little Paki bashing & a lot of terrace rumbles,we never went to Church on Sundays our church was the SHED end on Saturdays, then the NF came along , the rest is history.

Inspiration for the Next Knuck Build

Beautiful, Makes you Feel all warm inside !!

1936-38 Brake switch Assembly

Just fitted the Brake Puck on the Hillbilly Flathead, after going through my Time machine Ageing Process, it looks like its been on the Road for 70 years , but it was brand new yesterday, fresh from Thomas at Replicant Metals , excellent Quality Thanks.

Squiddly Diddly Pipes

Lots of pipes with Swirls & Bends on the BigTwin Flathead , gets me thinking of Squiddly Diddly

Quiz # 1

                                                   What is This ??
First one to write the correct answer in the comments wins a
Handshifter Pin & Grab of Magnetozoo stickers

Another Great McQueen

Carlo´s Spaghetti 45

Looking Good with B&H Footshift & Mag

Speed Hole Time

Got the Rear Brake Speed holed & Fitted + the Footboard & Linkage for the Rear Brake , all i need now is the OilBag

Can Kam .450

Sifton ?? Pan ?? Knuckle ?? Any One ??