Trump Pipes For the Knucklehead build

Post came today with some old unused Trump cocktail shakers Made In Japan , time for the Grinder & presto my exhaust System is Born , just need to weld them on ,De chrome them & paint them Black , always tough knowing whats going to work , but at the moment i dig these on the Knuck.

Fueled Supporter Sweden

On The Wall & Fueled !!!  Thanks  HI-Speed Honky
That Pan is gonna look Rad when you´re Done, Keep me Posted
Check out Fueled Now !!!

Knucklehead Build Progress

Tins back from Spray Gun Pete !!!
Next is the clutch & tranny (Bad Iphone Photo)

Repaired the Rocker Cups tonight

Braised two new oil lines on my old rocker cups
ready for the coming knucklead motor rebuild

Knucklehead Planetary system

Revelations beyond comprehension could this be the Key to everlasting journeys through galactic time & space, only seen by those gallant knights of the Knucklehead brethren whose sole purpose is to keep vintage knuckleheads part of the cosmos ????

Champion Fuel Igniters

Man !!! Every Male thats ever had Grease under his nails & the Taste of Petroleum oxide in the roof of his mouth has said, ohhh fuck man  thats soooo cute !!! the sign of a True Man !! . 1940`s Model Aeroplane Plug . would be super cool to find the Engine.

Parkerized Knucklehead Battery cover

Parkerized the Battery cover last week,its going to look even better after a 1000 miles with my Friends!!

Piston Position

Could this be sent from Heaven Above !!! Vintage TDC Tool gauge which fits my Knuckleheads 18mm plug holes , now i can be 100% sure when the front Piston is at 7/16" before TDC, Bingo Lock it down, regardless to what your flywheel is telling You. i run my Knucks on Magnetos so this is going to make life easier when using aftermarket & stroker flywheels.

Evil Rats Hole

See you at the Swap ??

46 knucklehead build

Progress, Rear Brake assembly,oil lines, Tranny Plate locked down, waterslide Taco boy from the 40´s etc etc

De-Chromed & Parkerized

Just Back from being De-Chromed then after we Parkerized them in the Parky Bath. Need any Parkerizing solution ???  we have bottles of concentrated Parkerizing solution FOR SALE , each bottle contains enough to mix 3 liters of ready to use solution. this solution once mixed can be used mutliple times. Price is 400:- swedish crowns + shipping  Info

Filthy Knucklehead

My Beloved Daily Knuck ,
No fucking Wax on... wax off  here   KemoSabe !!!

Amulets of Good Fortune

These are from the 1930´s & are always in the top Pocket of my leathers Protecting me from  KOM

Da Vinci Knucklehead

♫ ♪♫♫ ♪♪Shim Shiminey Shim Shiminey Shim Shim cher-oo♫ ♪♫♫ ♪♪

Shimming the Knuck !!Most overlooked part of installing your Motor to frame, do it right & your Singing !!! Just lock down the rear bolts, check front engine mount to engine block fill the gap with washers or shims (old beer cans work perfectly) tighten down , do the same with the Top Mount & run trouble free into the Sunset

One day Thomas Pigs will Fly

On that day i will behold a sight while holding the barn doors ajar !!!

Before Adolf came to the Hood


Knucklehead Build Log

Got the Oil bag & Parkerized Battery Tray on today along with the NOS Superior Oil drainage Valve

Nuts about Bolts

How many Goddamn times do i rummage through this a week, breaking my Nails in the Process & every time i say i gotta sort this lot out , yeah Right !!

Let the Games Begin

Finally got this years knucklehead build Rolling & up on theTable.
Regular updates on the Build will be posted at least weekly , so stay tuned
The Tins are in Spray Gun Petes & Gaylords expert hands, all they need now is what colour I STILL DONT  KNOW !!!

GayLord in Charger Heaven

Rain !!!

Good time to get the Time machine out, PUSH the 35 years back button & listen to the.......
Thin White Duke Throwing Darts In Lovers Eyes

Split Screen Dream

Chopped By Lasse

Carls Genny Is still for Sale !!!

We Luv Junk Motors

Tom Thanks Man !!!!

A Whiter shade of ??

Dropped the Tins off at Spray Gun Pete Today & still dunno what colour the 46 Knuck is gonna Be ?? anybody out there got any  ideas ??

BT&E Stegosaurus Knucklehead

Sheet Metal Dicks Burnout

El Bastardo Revisted

Sometimes Bikes you build, even though you sold them will always share a place in your soul, this is definitely one bike that's well & truly a part of my Soul

Hop Upers SwapMeet Vänersborg

Best SMS Ever


Soon Ready for Spray Gun Pete ,
Tip #35 Need a bung ?? use a 18mm Spark plug works wonders !!