Paucho Back in the Day

Had the pleasure to share a few Beers with the Legendary Paucho from Vancouver, down in South East Asia,  I finally found the Zip File you sent me !! gonna run some of his SLEDS & SCOOTS in the coming weeks

Old Bike Swap Meet Skövde

Stolen , Harley-Davidson 1926 350 Peashooter

Harley-Davidson 1926  350 Peashooter

Stolen 4th December in the North of Sweden

Email information here


Oden Harleys Poker Run

Blow your horn Dude

For Sale Swazi Pegs & Custom cycle engineering Bird deflectors

Custom cycle engineering bird catchers These are the real deal , not that bullshit  that were made last week you see out on egay.

Swazi Pegs,  Jeremiah over at Love Cycles made 35 sets of these and they were sold out in a couple hours, these are unused.

Kontakt Knucko

Beaters Speed Club

Mr Postie came today with Some cool Patches & decals from Beaters Speed Club
Cool Guys Cool Rides,  Check out the Blog
Hampus !!! Ride Long & Safe Bro, Tack-You

Two Zebedee Bodies

Knuck Dragster Revell Model (WTB]

Freddie Knuckles Tree Luving Knuck

Everytime i see Freddie Knuckles Knuck its always parked beside a Tree ??
Go figure a knuck with a Bark Fetish

HoTdOG RuN 2010

Great People, Great Iron, Great Day
More Photos Later