Rolls Royce Horn

I say old chap, Only an English Gentleman would be so awfully Polite as to choose between a Soft Beep or Loud, 32 Phantom owned by Dan

Freddans Drag Knucklehead

SS Kalles Flake

More pics to come on this outstanding build

First Run Peters Candy Bar Knucklehead

Cam king Totte, Final adjustments

Kick Kick Kick Vroooom

One Happy Werewolf !!! Great Job Peter !!

Dragster Ulfs Sweet Ride

Spitfire Fly-by

Nothing in the world beats the sound of a Spitfire

SC Robbies Pan & Pan shovel

Decals Are on there way !!!! Ride Long & Safe Bro

Air Cooled Happiness

Peters knucklehead

Martins 48 Panhead

69 Dodge Charger 32 Ford Roadster

Mr Green Twigs Groupies

Now good children, you too can have such lovely accessories if collect lots of knucklehead heads, sooner or later you too will have some lovely Jugs Just like Mr Green Twig, Sweet dreams until next time.

Far out Tank

Davids super cool tank from back in the Day molded into his knucklehead frame


Always a Pleasure receiving Photos
from the Legendary Mr Green Twig
Making all Knuck owners VERY JEALOUS !!


47 Knucklehead FOR SALE

The Hash Knuck is SOLD

Dual Linkerts

Going On the Knuck

The Dudes, Daddy Long Legs

Ready To Roll ??

Work Shop Shrine

May Good Fortune Fall upon all who Ride

Knucklehead #3

Thanks Florida Rick !! Very Nice 47 Matching numbers Engine for knucklehead # 3 build this coming Winter

Knuckle Killer Totte

No One Can Out Run The Knuckle Killer

Hot Rod Martin

Always On The Dog & Bone

Freddies Knuck

Awesome !!!!!!!!