Hillbilly Flattie Grows !!

Few more Goodies find there way onto the Flathead , more to come :)

Happy Christmas

HillBilly Flattie Build

Well i never thought i would be building a 1200 Flattie , just goes to show how your taste buds change every now & then , Mr Belin got my eyes open to them & Handshifter Freddy got me Addicted to them , Stay Tuned for the Hillbilly Flattie Build !!!! I need a Scruffy dented Rear Fender any out there ??

MagnetoZoo Tattoo

Brian you Fucking Rule !!!!

Wico XV1922 Race Magneto

Christmas Came Early , Bit By Bit the Hillbilly Flathead Comes to Life

4-Speed Service

Time to Check over the Tranny Before the West Country Trip


Thanks Man !!! Be sure to Visit TinsleCat