The Bounder

Comment on what you think he´s Saying:
I think he is Saying:
Frightfully Decent of you Old Chap , now be a Sport & hand over the Takings !!.

Lovely Pans

Black is Black

Next Knucklehead Build is Gonnabeeee BLACK

Kick the Kick

Man !! This Kicker just sold for $358
I know its cool shit but Egay is getting way outta control, aren't we suppose to be in a Recession ?? Go figure

Not Far From My Workshop

Petter !!! Now you Know i Know the Truth

Mr Monk & SuperTramp

Jimmy !! Thanks Man that was a cool Gesture , Fits Like a Glove, see you in the Summer.

Sunday Bangers

Steve McQueen Trump Scrambler

P.O.D "Petroleum Oxide Death"

OK Time for something completely Different , most of the Bike Blogs out there have that Standard Friday bit of Muff photo of a Nice Bird that is Showing off the work her Plastic surgeon has done for extortionate sums of Dosh´, Yeah you look at it, get a little Testicular Twitch & that's it .
On Fridays Magentozoo will be Doing  "Petroleum Oxide Death"   P.O.D ,   From the 1940-1960, this should make you think a little Longer.
if you have any Material Please send it.

Mike Disfarmer

M.DisFarmer, i can look at these for hours , simpler times with real Folks.

Big Thanks for the Stickers Mate
You dig Brit scene & Iron, get over to Quaffmeister Blogs

Lee Work Wear 1948

Race KnuckleHead

Knucklehead Racer
Raced between 1946-48
Raised Transmisson
Cut OilBag
Lee Pedal etc etc
Thanxs Mr GreenTwig

Butterflies Are Free To Fly ♪♫ Fly Away ♪♪ ♫ ♪♪

Species: 1200 UL
Project:  Hillbilly Bobber

Patience is a Virtue

If you Can´t Spanner it, Hammer it !!

M51 Rebuilt

My Sharona

Thinking of my Daruma Lead me to
My Sharona, Enjoy !!

Ride Right

When & Where did all the Cops Go that Looked like This ??
Hitler would of been darn proud of all the Fascists cops out there today

My Daruma

The  Daruma as a good luck charm in part originated with the Daruma-dera (Temple of Daruma) in the city of Takasaki (Gunma Prefecture, north of Tokyo). The founder of Daruma-Dera would draw New Year’s charms depicting Bodhidharma. The parishioners would keep these charms to "bring happiness and prosperity and ward off accidents and misfortune".
It is believed that the Daruma figurine then originated from this region when the ninth priest, Togaku, found a solution to handle the constant requests of the parishioners for new charms. The charms were always given with an effectiveness of one year, so the people required new ones every year. He solved this by entrusting them with the making of their own Daruma charms near the beginning of the Meiwa Period (1764–72).
The eyes of Daruma are often blank when sold. These symmetrical round blank white eyes” as a means to keep track of goals or big tasks and motivate them to work to the finish. The recipient of the doll fills in one eye upon setting the goal, then the other upon fulfilling it. In this way, every time they see the one-eyed Daruma, they recall the goal. One explanation how this custom started says that in order to motivate Daruma-san to grant your wish, you promise to give him full sight once the goal is accomplished. This custom has led to a phrase in Japanese translated as “Both Eyes Open". Traditionally only the head of the household would paint in the eyes.
Call me superstitious but my Daruma has been on my bedside table for as long as i can remember warding off cell phone drivers & Protecting my Family.
Anyone That rides old Iron needs something watching over them.

Dear Santa

One day Thomas Pigs will fly , those of you that were brought up in Blighty must remember that TV ad, two duffers turning a Spit , what was it for ??

But more too the Point, Pigs will fly , even if i have too eat KittiKat for  a month, i gotta have one of these Wico magnetos for the Up & coming 1300 Flathead build. i´ve sent Santa a Letter with a knocking shop free bonk coupon , just to up my chances of finding one in the Stocking at the End of the Bed.
Anybody out there who´s got one for sale ???
Pretty Please !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

More Porn !!