Knucklehead Timing Gear

Good time to do a test on how high you can pull up your Magneto to clear the relay block without missing the Timing gear teeth. this new Joe hunt Axel is actually longer than the original shafts allowing 2.5 cm extra height, which helps if your running the Mag on a bolt down setup, i prefer to use the Morris retard/advance unit which gives you enough clearance without having to cut your Relay Tab off , or at the very least a slight Shave on both the Mag & Tab.

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Doc said...

so what your saying is on my 48 pan I'm gonna have to remove the relay boss on the case, for a joe hunt mag to clear? I was told I nneded nothing else to complete this job , but I've seen another "pedestal" or "housing" under a mag on a knuckle, and a slab side shovel HELP!