Mr Bonds DB5

Just sold for £2.9 Million quid !! wish i had the Dosh , its my Favorite Aston !!

Roadster Dreams

Thanks Robban for making My Day

Pudding Parade


My Favorite is the Levoir Tourist Sporting a Matchless M

Jerry Kieffer´s Knucklehead

I know this is old news but For those of you that haven't seen this fantastic craftsmans work check out the rest of the Knuck at Jerrys

Relay Boss Blues ?? Not any Longer !!!

Going to get 30 of these custom made Extended Magneto bases with Advance/Retard adjustment  manufactured.
This will save your Relay boss on Knuckleheads Panheads & Early Shovels
Price will be disclosed as soon as i get the Quote back from the Machinist
As you can see it allows your magneto to clear the boss  without looking like, as Chuck said a Spaceship !! referring to the G5 Setup
The Beauty with this unit it allows you to Advance/ Retard your timing. Compatible with all BT , Joe Hunt, Morris, Fairbanks Morse Magnetos
If you interested in Buying one then just send me a mail. only those that have sent me an email will be contacted when the finished product is ready !! so get on the interested List

Anders 37 Flatside

Holy Smoke

The Blowers are Done & ready too feel the Heat

Knucklehead Pipes & Mufflers

Nice Knucklehead with some real nice factory race Pipes


Start Smoking !!

Man this pipe is Ultra cool, i want one !!! Reminds me of my Eyeball sissy on the Hash Knuck, More info on Lars & his fantastic creations coming very soon

Tranny Day

Got the Tranny & Driveline fitted today
Done a Pikey on the Speedo cable & used an old rusty WLA cable which i cut & Welded, next up is getting that ugly Cycle Electric, old schooled with a Parkerized Gen Cover.

Knuckle Rocker Box Shoe Shine

Nobody does a better job at Polishing Aluminum than SS Kalle !! Thanks Mate


Knucklehead Timing Gear

Good time to do a test on how high you can pull up your Magneto to clear the relay block without missing the Timing gear teeth. this new Joe hunt Axel is actually longer than the original shafts allowing 2.5 cm extra height, which helps if your running the Mag on a bolt down setup, i prefer to use the Morris retard/advance unit which gives you enough clearance without having to cut your Relay Tab off , or at the very least a slight Shave on both the Mag & Tab.

The Race of Titans

Knuckle-killer Fem Tum Totte on the Pan 
Balls of Steel Das knuckle Godfather Perra on the Knuck

2 words Left to say


Jocke`s Panna

Old School Rules !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And the RESULT was Straight

Straight Pipes stretched out beyond, spitting fire into the eternal wake of the knuck, burning white lines through the night.