Johan the Dude´s Pan

Johan L of Blotsvens Fabbed most of this Sweet Chopper
Owned by the Dude (Johan) Looking forward too seeing you rolling besides us
(When are you coming over for the Seat )

Almost Got Robbans Pan Started

Matching the Knucklehead cases

Västen working his Magic on my 46 Knuck Cases, More updates on the Build coming shortly


Arnes Old School Pan Chopper

The Panheads are going back on this summer
Classic Chopper Arne, Thanks for sharing !!

Vintage Arnold Motorcycle

Vintage Arnold Tin Wind Up Motorcycle US Zone Germany

48 Panhead Home

A Happy SS Calle just back from the Legendary Mr Krantz
with his newly renovated Freedom Machine Pan Engine

Knucklehead compressor

Compressor Taken from a SAAB J 29 & fitted on a 46 knucklehead
Hopefully Martin will get this Compressor Hissing Again On the Knuck.


Peter´s Knuck , Man Time is Running Out

SnapShot Japan

El Bastardo

Danish Martin !!  I can build another One !!

May Graduation

4th or 5th Year ??  man Time flies !!!
See ya Soon Robban

Shell Hell Gas Price

Cuban Chicks

Best Chick Photo i have seen in a long time !!

Air scoop Linkert

Tom from Junk Motors Japan made this handmade one of a kind radical  Linkert Airscoop sitting on the 47 Knuck


Sweet !!!


Pontus  Its time to get a New Toy !"!!!

Dragster Sportster

NORTON 500 Vintage Racing

Evelyn Mc hale

On may 1, 1947, About the Same time my Knuck was leaving Milwaukees production line a 23-year-old woman named evelyn mchale lept from the observation deck of the empire state building. "He is much better off without me ... I wouldn't make a good wife for anybody," she wrote on a note, then crossed it out. evelyn landed, 86 floors below, on a parked united nations limousine. a photography student named robert wiles heard the crash and snapped this photo four minutes after her death.

1/4 Scale Vintage'37 Knucklehead Operating Model Engine

Ok this is Super cool , but  $4550 is what this Tiny knuck engine  just sold for  on Ebay !!! Fuck man !!! must have been that little Piggy Mr Leno !!! who bought it

Slight changes on the Knuck

Changed Back too the OEM seat
Removed P-PAD
Changed speedo housing to black
I think it looks Better ??