Knucklehead Engine SCAM warning

This has been in & out of the London Craiglist over the Past year + at least a dozen other sites what amazes me is that they keep publishing it time & time again. if you have found it elsewhere then comment to where you have seen it.
Too good to be true so i contacted them smelling a Rat.
They wanted me to put £2000 into a bank account in London , when i said i come from London and that me & my Brothers would like to check the Motor out all went Quiet, instantly from 10 emails over a few days urging me to pay to nothing ,same MO on the Ad below same Fuckers !! Beware Its a SCAM.

Ad # 1

1947 FL Knucklehead Engine OEM Motor - £2000 (London)


This 1947 FL Knucklehead motor. It was a running chopper motor 20 years
ago using dual carbs.
The heads were taken off and converted back to stock single carb.
The headwork was done but not re-assembled. The project was set aside in our warehouse and never completed.
It is now available for sale!
The motor is a 1947 FL with matching case numbers on the bottom.
The heads were disassembled and repaired, the rest of the motor is intact.
The motor spins freely. 20 plus years ago the motor was polished and most parts  chromed.
Hand made Chopper Style Brass Knuckle Nuts on rockers.
The cylinder & heads have been machine drilled for cooling (an old chopper race look).
We can see NO problems with these cases, no welds, no cracks, all mounts perfect.
No cracks or eaks on lifter blocks, cam cover, rockers or oil pump.
No cracks in heads at plug holes & no cracks at guide ports.
Pistons are marked 60, the cylinders show hone marks.
We have cleaned off the head repair area so it can be seen in photos.
Fortunately the repair did not effect the stock intake manifold threads.
Could also be easily converted back to dual carb if desired.
This is NOT a motor that was assembled in the last years with left over parts.
It has been in our possession as is for 20 years.
Motor will be shipped in Wood shipping crate on Motor stand (included)
Total weight of motor (crated) is 220 lbs. / Dimensions: 32"x25"x21".

Ad # 2

1946 EL Harley Knucklehead MOTOR ONLY - £1940 (London)


This motor last ran 10 years ago and has sat on an engine stand inside since then. It was a 45th birthday gift from my late husband who was an ace Harley mechanic and Retired Navy Vietnam Vet who had plans to build it into a bike for me, but unfortunately he died from cancers from Agent Orange. I just don't have the money to build it and want it to go to a good home where it will appreciated.

I believe only 1500 were made in 1946. The chrome on the heads is still good with a few dings on top from the previous frame. The barells are a bit rusty,but overall it's in great shape for it's 60+ years! The magneto is still on and chromed as is the oil pressure gauge.


23bricks said...

we [who are from London] found a couple of these mystery knuck motors for sale in yorkshire last year -same thing happened - when our friends in the north rang and wanted to go look the phone went quiet.
I think it's a nigerian biker scam [now that the banks are fucked].

happy new year

Steve said...

hey im over in the good old usa this motor is listed for sale in philadelphia right by where i live. i just emailed the guy then saw this. wow glad i read your scamn warning. i knew it was too good to be true! thanks!!

Zac said...

same two craigslist ads still up in london. sent them emails thinking I could get a knuck for that cheap. Lame.

Anonymous said...

Seen this many times...
I surely know its a scam because that is MY engine!!!