Kustom Oil Tank


Karl this is for you Man !!!

Valens Custom Sportsters

Great guys and great sportsters Builders
Be sure to visit them if your in Varberg !!!

Lindas New Toy

Roachs Split Head Shovel

Chopper Knucklehead

More great photos of Jays sweet chopped Knuck
Its up for sale so act fast !!
This Bike was Built by the Man Himself Trent at ATOMIC CUSTOM make sure you visit Trents Online Store too !!

Vintage Suicide shift knob

Going on the Texas stroker knuck

Knucklehead Eagle decal

Need one of these email me !!!!

Jap Chopper

Spotted leaving the gas station nice to see a girl on a chopped Jap

Cool surf Volkswagen Beetles

Saw These beetles in the summer complete with orignal Cool Bug deflector !!!!

PB Choppers

You can listen to Thomas at P&B choppers all day long , The Triumph wizard and old school chopper biker from back in the Day !!!

Happy Knucklehead

Got any Babes on Your scoot then send them in !!

Rikards Scoot

Always smiling !!! Ride Long & Safe Bro

Anderson LUV Pegs

Magneto spark

Rebuilt & firing a strong blue spark

Modified foot Clutch knucklehead

Use want you have for this quick fix foot clutch , took about an hour and works real smooth.

Magneto Kill switch

Speed-E-Shift Wanted

WTB SPEED-E-SHIFT Contact me on knucko@gmail.com

The knuckleheads

Who are they, anybody Know ???

Teros 62 IronHead Finland

Fairbanks magneto

The one that nearly killed me


Peter & Le Beef

Skibum heros

Ingmar Bergmans tear drops

Nicke !! have you got these ready yet ??? we need them Man

French Connection

Bretagne France , first boogie farmers party
Old school from London & Bretange
Thanks Renshaw, maybe you will see us there next year !!!