DicE Release Flyer

Shovel Power Plant

Doesn´t Get much Better Than This


Another great Find,Original 1930 Klaxon OOO-GAAHH for the Truck

Race Track Queen

Shovelhead Chopper

Found some more of my old 67 Genny Shovel, enjoy

Timing cover

Just a few left maltese cross covers: email me if you want one

Easy Rider

My all time Feel Good Photo !!!

Wiring Diagrams

Useful Wiring Diagrams

Big Petes Flattie

Pete, Check your mail Bro !!

God Save Us All !!!

56 Chevy Steering

Real pleased with this find !!56 chevy Steering wheel & Horn button ready to go in the truck

Warm Air

The Dudes Sporty

Trawlers Rad Sporty, man this is Tight Dude !! Keep us Posted Bro


This is for Tony & Bagaren (Baker) who are currently biking through India at this moment.
May Buddha Protect you from stray cows and mad Rupee dealers and potholes you can loose a car down !!

Knucklehead Joy

One Real Nice Knucklehead
Owned,built & Ridden by Pontus from Hönö
Just look at the Details on this knuckle!!
some serious iron.

Dennis early Days

54 Buick Lowrider

Sweet LowRider fresh from Texas cruised & Owned by Dennis the Menace , Sweet ride Bro, Dreams do come true!! Dont forget to check the tranny oil once in a while, See ya in the week!!

59 Bel-Air & 58 Apache 3100 Truck

Folkes Bel-Air & knuckos 3100 Apache

Jap Tatt

Long Time Ago


My Old Pan-shovel RIP

Panman Mats

The Panman Mats So-Cal Panhead bobber is looking 1000% Real Old school that Paint job is KILLER!!!, keep us updated with the build, Thanks Mats !!

Perfect Triumph

Man This Trump is Mindblowing !!! Its Fuckin Perfect !!!! Owned Built & Ridden by Pinstriping Ola From Karlstad

Henriks Sporty

Owned Built & Ridden by Henrik from Stenungsund one nice Sporty which is now undergoing a transformation Luv The Sparto !!

Henrik, Thanks for lending me your Jacket , i would have froze to fucking Death driving back to Gothenburg that Day if it was not for your Kindness Thanx Man !!

Robbans Panhead mockup

Man Robban !! this is going to real Nice when Finished !!

See You Soon Bro !!

Local Iron

Tight Shovel built & Ridden by mattias from svenshögen

Nice 1200 Flattie Built & Ridden by Peter from Falkenberg


Real Nice Panhead Built & Ridden by Mats from Marstrand

Ford custom 54

Robbans sweet 54 ford custom lowrider 2 door hardtop

36 Knucklehead Matching numbers

Man this is a nice Matching numbers Knucklehead from 1936 100% Bobber
Owned By P.N Tack Robban !!