Barry Sheene

Man, this was one of my heros when i was a teen, Barry Sheene
Blessed with the Gab & from London , I thought: This is not racing, it's a suicide mission: R.I.P


Boobytrap Sporty

In the Making another really nice ride From Benny at


1957 DODGE D100

Anyone out there own one of these ?? any info would be great.

Un Cappuccino Italiano

Perfect and it tasted real good too,, their should be a law that all bike builders get two free cups a day !! Grazie molto Sara

Knucko's Freedom Bird


2 Days ago in Greece on a 650 kawasaki

Dutchy on the SG

On the 67 Genny

DicE # 1-22

One complete set of DicE for sale.
Send offers to knucko

Black Bart anno 1972

King Bee



Maximus flowus pingelus

Big Engine's need big Petcocks here's mine on the Edelbrock

From the Vault, Chopper magazine 1972-75

Dug up these from when i was a kid back in the early seventies,
stay tuned for a once a week delv into the Past!!!


Mr Moon

Odds und Sods

Some 4 wheel related shots i took this summer