Crack Head Ronny's Fashion Tip #4

Crack Head Ronny's Fashion Tip #4
Hat Donations, send them in for Ronny to wear Contact

S&S Super D

Stay Tuned to see how this Baby runs with its fire breathing 3 Thunderjets on EL BASTARDO

Real Deal

Sweet Zero Silicon, My Sharona , Way back from 79 !!

Superior Pipes

Nothing on Earth like the sound of a slabside Shovel breathing thru these beauties

WLA 45 Build #1

Bennys WLA 45 Build step by step from day 1 so far i have a repo 47 Knuck frame and a 45 motor in bits, the bottom end is good, so it's a top end rebuild and a bit of fucking around to get the engine mounted,got some 3.5 gallon tanks on the way and a spool hub rear wheel.

Jannes Loooong shovel

Janne got a rear tire blow out on this and kept it running straight, doing 100 in the rain on the motorway !!!. praying for your shoulder bro

Six Finger Jonny

See you next year Man

Slabside Chopper

Dug Up some pics of my suicide Slabside shovel Chopper

Jetsons Panhead

This Panhead looked like it had just flown in from Mars !!!
Sorry Cell phone photos , Taken a Roberts Hot Rod Gathering Gothenburg 2 weeks ago.

Rad Bars On El Bastardo

These Bars are fucking Rad !! i luv em
Hand Made to Order from Cycle Delic Cycles
Thanks John

(No idea who the Fucking retard is on my Freedom Bird)

Boneshakerchoppers sporty

Sweet Clean Sporty, New build from Benny at Boneshakerchoppers England

Benny is going to run a Harley WLA 45 build on Magnetozoo so stay Tuned !!