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Hand shifter Pins

Back in Stock Vintage copper Hand shifter Pins  
limited number 

Hydra Glide

Advertising was better back in the day

Welsh Border

Uncomfortable close to the Welsh border 


47FL knucklehead in the light of day and ready for the first run after restoration

Serious Rubber

Put some new Shoes on the Flathead so we can play offroad 


Last years Linkert Attacks 
Photo By Rico 

Powered Flowers

Flower Power Bikers 

Great Vintage poster 

Linkert Attacks 2014

Which route are we taking this year !!!

Looks like I´ll be running this one year only 
1935 air cleaner on the Big twin Flathead this coming season

Wanted Rectangular footboards

My old Milwaukee rust bucket needs some nice old rectangular footboards if you have some for sale contact me here

Christmas Greetings

Better late than never !!! 
Happy Christmas 

Original Paint 36el Knucklehead

    Wish I´d taken a few more photos of this Beautiful Knuck 

Big Twin Flathead dash

Finally got a decent Patina dash that goes with the UL 

Springer fork chart

The Ultimate Springer fork recognition chart showing Rake and trail with years manufactured 
The poster is 50cm x 70cm and printed on high quality photographic paper perfect for the workshop or Garage , only 20 printed  Buy here 

Knucklehead Bobber Build

Starting to Mock up the knuck Build , still undecided what the colour scheme is going to be

39 Knucklehead

Dreams are made of Pictures like this , one day they might just come true

C.C. and company

Long Live the 70's

Full Circle

Funny how you always end up at square one and realising that, Man it runs much better the way it was before you started experimenting on all sorts of Airhorns and velocity Stacks and cool bits of custom junk that got in the way of your Air and your Leg .. now its Stock into the Sunset and she Runs as sweet as the day she left Milwaukee

Knucklehead Index

Interesting Parts descriptions 

knucklehead fun

Offroading the knuck 

Beautiful Knucklehead

Never get tired of looking at or riding the 7 note knucklehead